Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Weekend Project & What's On My Rice: Retort Wagyu Beef Curry

Can hardly call it a project since all involved were screwing eight 1/2" wood screws but put this table together yesterday. The top is a salvaged card catalog and the legs from a 1920's children's school desk. Might varnish the desk wood later to match the top but love the rusty legs where it's more like a permanent patina, no rub off or flaking.

Need to find a permanent spot for it but steaming on top was today's lunch. A retort pack Wagyu Beef Curry from an older care package.

I was out of Fukushinzuke but man, this was pretty good. A quality beefiness that you could smell even before you taste. A bit of heat and unlike most retort pack curries had a fair amount of meat. Other ingredients were button mushroom and small diced potatoes.

Too bad we're stuck with the same standard two or three selections at our Japanese markets here. Haven't come around sharing the Squid Ink and Beef Tendon curries I've had. Were both delicious and also retorts purchased at a regular supermarket.

Just a quick update that the Yakyudori folks are opening another restaurant in Kearny Mesa occupying the old Honey's Cafe spot named Hinotez. With some internet digging found it's related to the Hinotetsu Group in Japan, a chain Yakitoriya/Izakaya hybrid of sorts.

But here the menu seems it will run the more American concept of a Japanese restaurant, a full gamut Yakitori, Ramen, Soba, Udon, Teishoku lunch sets, and even Sushi Rolls. Sounds like another Tajima/Chopstix but I've been a fan of the now gone original Yakyudori in Hillcrest and its Ramen producing sibling off Convoy so we'll have to see. Opening said to be middle of September but the place looked nowhere near to be ready in a week's time.

Hope everyone is enjoying the three day weekend. I find the light drizzle refreshing.


Mary said...

I love that desk! Love the card catalog part. Also, I'm actually happy to see Honey's Cafe being replaced - I had breakfast there once and it was not good and very overpriced. Hope the new place works.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary! Thanks. The table may end up in the kitchen. The deep drawers would be perfect for spices and utensils. :)

meemalee said...

Man, I wish we could get hold of retort packs like that.

We're lucky to get mentaiko sauce packets :)

Liz said...

I recognized that logo. How do you like Yokohama Yakitori Koubou compared to Yakitori Yakyudori?

Dennis K. said...

Hi Meemalee! Hope you're doing well. You totally reminded me that my sister had brought mentaiko flavored mayo last visit, haha. Do miss Japan but hope to get to visit the U.K. someday!

Hi Liz! Yakyudori definitely has the one up with refinement but in fairness my visit to YYK was at opening week. So far seems consistent with other's more recent accounts though.
I'm curious to see how Hinotez pans out. I remember Honey's Cafe's interior being quite spacious so it's going to be a new challenge for these guys that have been used to smaller cozy operations...