Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Negitoro-Don And Retort Curry OTW

A weekend morning that had started with gusto. Negitoro-natto-don topped with an egg yolk as true champions do. For people squeamish of slimy foods this wouldn't be the meal for them.

The actual negitoro (fatty tuna belly with chopped green onions that is mostly hidden beneath the natto) I picked up at Nijiya yesterday but had kicked it up several notches with additional finely minced Shiso and Myoga, sesame oil, spicy tobanjan (doubanjiang), and even some Korean gochujang, the doings somewhat inspired by the teishoku awe of Takeya Shokudo - the Negitoro Bancho. (Bancho = Leader of juvenile delinquents...)
Was pretty tasty only wishing I hadn't skimped on the $1.99 per single bulb Myoga. Was still pretty bomb though with Shichimi sprinkled on top and a kick of wasabi to taste.

Retort pouch Japanese curry of the week is Ginza Roku-san Tei - Rokusaburo No Makanai Curry. The title is a mouthful but the product suggests a re-creation of a simple curry possibly served behind the scenes to the workers at Iron Chef Michiba's restaurant as a "Makanai" (staff meal). This was packaged in the newer microwaveable pouch that I mentioned on my Bon Curry Gold 21 post.

The natural fukushinzuke without red food coloring got kinda lost visually (still a plating newb). Had a lot of nice vegetables but flavor wise was surprisingly a bit underwhelming it seasoned rather conservatively. Being a Michiba inspired creation probably was made with some Wa-fu dashi stock in addition, but in the end was a bit too subtle for me to appreciate.

It's been a while since I've had a hot drink in the morning. I usually have Iced Coffee or sometimes Iced Tea no matter what the weather. A latte from my neighborhood Twiggs on Park Blvd.

A croissant in the bag for later. I love a lot the pastries here, especially the croissants which are made at their bakery up the street. They have a nice color on them with some crusty charred edges. Makes the pale colored ones sold elsewhere seem almost lifeless. I'll remember to take a photo next time.

Twiggs Coffeehouse, 4590 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116


K and S said...

I like slimy just not stinky :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! That's funny, natto to me always had a subtle smell of coffee beans, but that's just me.