Friday, December 23, 2011

I ♥ Detroit - A Detroit Coney Dog @ National Coney Island (DTW)

Yay, a Detroit Coney. The last I had was too many years ago, long before starting the blog or regularly taking photos of my meals. I somehow thought the first I had was at Lafayette (the name had rung a close note) but after some quick searching doesn't seem likely. I remember it being a larger chain and so may in fact have been another National Coney Island elsewhere.

There are at least three in the Detroit Metro Airport but the one I visited was the sit down in Concourse A. My blogger friend Kaszeta of Offbeat Eats does a great job explaining the somewhat confusing nomenclature of "Coney Island." The name to most is commonly familiar as that peninsula in New York with the famous amusement park (that by definition any hot dog served there is technically a 'Coney Island Hot Dog'...).

In other cities in the country however such as Detroit, it's synonymous to a type of regional hot dog served with beanless chili, yellow mustard and onions. Cincinnati has their own variant called the Cheese Coney that is smaller in size and served with their own indigenous Cinnamon spiked meat chili and mound of finely shredded cheese (that I experienced in spaghetti form at Skyline in Cleveland).

National seems to use their own self name branded all-beef natural casing dog (that I've read are similar to Koegel's used elsewhere in the city). The steamed buns were perfectly soft and the all important chili made often with lean heart meat that is seasoned and spiced just so. I'm convinced that once people taste these, they'd feel the ones served at mega-chains (particularly the one that rhymes with Wonder-schnitzel) seem like a cruel joke. My only regret the day was that I didn't order two.

National Coney Island (DTW), 1 Detroit Metro Airport Detroit, MI 48242


Carol said...

Oh boy that chili dog looks delicious. I've never actually eaten at a "Wonder-schnitzel" before, can you believe that?

Cathy Doe said...

Thanks for reviving the great memory. I grew up with coney dogs and loose hamburgers, served with three ingredients (never cheese). Georges and Senate were the two Coney Island restaurants closest to home, one block from each other, and mom and dad would have long discussions about which to go to. The plate yours was served on is the same green stripe style, but not as worn down from cleaning, as I remember. Gotta go back home to Detroit soon.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Carol! Yeah WS's chili is very salty and very cheap tasting (cause I'm sure it is). I have friends who enjoy them but I can't get past the saltiness.

Hi Cathy! This restaurant must've opened just recently. Everything was shiny and squeaky clean. I used to get to travel to Detroit a lot more but not so much these days. I'd like to to to Motz's for sliders.

K and S said...


kaszeta said...

DTW (well, the Delta Terminal, not the Southwest one) actually has a number of decent food options. The sushi place there is actually tolerable, and the National Coney Island allows one to indulge in a coney treat.

And you can check out the colorful Pink Floyd tunnel