Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Early Bird: A Breakfast Stew @ Super Cocina

One weekend when browsing through kitchen supplies at Taisun Wholesale I noticed a sign that read "Breakfast Desayunos" hanging outside Super Cocina. Not sure for how long but found out they were actually open from 8AM daily.

I've been curious ever since of what they may be offering different the time, and one morning (with particularly strong hunger pangs) I actually made it out arriving right as they were opening their doors at 7:59AM.

At first glance the steamer trays were all filled with the usual SC suspects of delicious looking Mexican stews and few fried items. All perfect if it were lunch or dinner, but probably a bit heavy to be had this early, at least for me. Asking about the $3.99 deal, it turned out to be a basic eggs fried your way plate with rice and beans. As I searched a little harder, I eventually did find two trays of what looked specifically breakfast items.

One was Chilaquiles, but the second an unfamiliar first of what seemed scrambled eggs simmered in a stewy salsa with onions and avocados. The very kind lady on duty with minimal English vocabulary could only tell me it was Huevos Oaxaquenos ($5.99).

The unexpected combination of eggs, chopped onions and fresh avocado, simmered in a mild salsa roja like soup/stew was really pleasant. May have felt a bit underseasoned but nothing a little S&P couldn't fix. It seemed to be a better companion with the rice than the corn tortillas, how much leaner the dish is compared to the few very hearty guisados I've had here. Later googling, weren't a lot of information online about Huevos Oaxaquenos except that it was an Oaxacan specialty (duh), and that my version may have been missing some cheese.(?)

The beans were a bit young in the stewing, probably a few hours shy of developing that creamy consistency and flavor in the simmer liquids. Fairly expected as early the day was, but all in all turned out to be a decent breakfast. And having found something new, a morning expedition that I would definitely consider a success. Cheers to that.

Super Cocina, 3627 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104


K and S said...

too bad about the beans, everything else looks great!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! Only wished the place was open a half hour earlier..

Mary said...

Been curious about their breakfast for awhile, but we always forget about this place. Looks interesting!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary! Yeah, SC doesn't immediately come to mind when thinking of breakfast. Still was a fun experiment the morning.

Jenne said...

I really like their breakfast! I had the huevos Oaxaquenos as a taco and it was awesome. Also, their coffee is unexpectedly good! It seems like it has cinnamon in it.

Jenne said...

Never mind, I think the coffee must have been a fluke! Last time I went it was not very good.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jenne! Oh well, I can see that happening about the coffee. I noticed El Borrego is open from 8am now too.(!) I'll have to check them out soon.