Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I ♥ Nashville - I Dream Of Weenie And Pied Piper Creamery

This visit puts me back in November of last year. The Halloween decoration on porches that I look forward to were all about gone by then. Despite and the very brisk weather, was a really nice time to visit, the feeling of the coming Holidays in the air everywhere.

My third or so visit to the city. After having tried some BBQ, Meat and Three cafeterias, Hot Chicken and even a couple Burgers, it was probably a matter of time that my curiosity would randomly turn toward hot dogs. While I've never heard of any actual Nashville specialty, just to be sure-sure I had consulted with dog expert Hawk Krall who writes the Hot Dog of the Week column for Serious Eats. I did notice the few dog carts off of busy Broadway, but none of them felt standing out as notable fixtures, at least to go out of my way and document.

While Hawk did confirm that there were no official "Nash Dog" that I was missing out on (the city should come up with one though), he did mention that there was a super cute old VW bus converted hot dog stand in East Nashville that I might want to check out. One particular regional offering was the dog topped with "Chow-Chow," a sort of pickled veggie slaw-like concoction that according was common to Pennsylvania Dutch, but the Tennessee version looking different. Taking note I ordered the "Rebel Yelp" with Tennessee Chow-Chow, mustard, onions and jalapeno peppers ($3.75).

The dog itself was an all-beef skinless, which if I remember right were griddled on a tiny setup. The buns were steamed nicely and cut to length for better bread to meat ratio. As for the Chow-Chow, whoo whee this thing's got some kick! More tart than spicy, the potent cider vinegar actually induced an involuntary cough as I mistakenly inhaled during the first bite, haha. This Tennessee variation seemed mostly of cabbage and green tomato based with maybe onions and some red chilies for heat. Again, intensely tart, but with a light sweetness that I thought went well as a dog condiment.

The Pumpkin Chili (bowl) listed as a daily special was perfect for the time of year. But they had less than a full serving left, so I had asked if they could put what they had atop another hot dog for me ($3.75). Seemed natural and was actually surprised they weren't offered the way.(?)

Pretty delicious. I wouldn't have minded the chili being more overtly pumpkin flavored but mildly spiced with cinnamon, to me the combination a no brainer match with the dog especially during the season.

The Baked Bean Weenie also sounded like something I would enjoy, but I had to leave some room for dessert. This also meant finding out what the "Angeled Eggs" were would have to wait for a future visit. The wieners themselves probably felt fairly average so you can say they aren't exactly priced cheap, but the creative toppings are what's fun not to mention the service very personable and great. If I were in East Nashville and in need of a quick bite, dropping by IDOW would be high up on my list. And thanks for the tip Hawk!

I Dream Of Weenie, 113 South 11th Street Nashville, TN 37206

I forgot to mention the visit was the same afternoon right after the BBQ Pulled Turkey Sandwich at Hog Heaven on the way to the airport. But I've heard many a noblemen say there's always room for dessert. I was ready to test the theory out, at least in spirit.

Nice to know that the city's award winning Pied Piper Creamery is right across the street to IDOW. A super cute house atop a hill that sells homemade ice cream.

The official list of available flavors are vast and also puts my pun creation skills to shame. My choice from the day's offerings was the "Trailer Trash" - Vanilla with Oreo, Twix, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Snickers, M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces. Another appropriate name could be Junk Snack Vending Machine.(!)

The interior of the place is really adorable. Slightly echoey but charming in that hardwood flooring old charm kinda way. Reminded me a lot of some shops in South Pasadena, one of my older neighborhoods during school.

The ice cream was terrific and the flavor choice I made a good one, only later realizing I've missed out on the Trailer Trash with Cheese Curls option, haha. Was glad I had stopped by before finally taking off. Slept well in the plane the flight back.

The Pied Piper Creamery, 114 South 11th Street Nashville, TN 37206-2937


K and S said...

that pumpkin chili dog looked good!

CAB said...

I love the name!

caninecologne said...

great post on the dogs! love that yellow van's set up too!

re: the ice cream place - i love old houses that are converted to eateries/restaurants/stores. so cute.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, it was really good!

Hi Carol, me too! I actually made a juvenile reference to it in a early draft but deleted it, haha.

Thanks CC! Was an especially fun post to do.