Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Meals - 02.22.2012 - Snooze And K's

Dropped by Snooze (An A.M. Eatery) in Hillcrest this morning. Was actually my second visit. Below is my boring Three-eggs breakfast that doesn't really represent best their fun menu. Check out Kirbie and Mary's posts on them for a wider spread.

If you're into Pancakes I think you'll especially enjoy the place. That and the tastefully done Mid-Century modern / '60's Diner mixed decor. Lots of space and great for larger groups. Me, I'm into savory stuff. Asked for the eggs done over-easy as always. The whites were still a bit runny but I tend to not mind that. There seems to be some cheese (Parmesan?) mixed in with the hocky puck Hash Browns which makes it gooey moist and tasty. The downside to it though is that you can never get them done crispy. I've tried asking. They were nice enough to try though. Sausages are extra. Were milder on the sage spice but with a nice heat kick. ($7 + $2.50) Lots of other protein options such as pulled pork, salmon, prosciutto and steak.

My first visit I had the Breakfast Pot Pie. A puff pastry with an egg done any style, smothered with rosemary sausage gravy. Guilty good. If I were to be picky though I think they should stick with dried rosemary for the gravy. The fresh I believe they've used I felt was a bit overpowering. Snooze is located at the old Corvette Diner spot off of 5th.

Snooze, 3940 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

My most inexpensive dinner yet. A Banh Bao Pork Bun at K Sandwiches.

These are denser and not as fluffy as what most Japanese may be used to with their Niku-man's. But aside from the typical minced veggie/pork filling, these also contain a Chinese sausage link And a whole hard boiled quail egg. For a buck-fifty, bravo to that.

K Sandwiches, 7604 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, CA, 92111


K and S said...

great looking food!

kirbie said...

Ah all the fun menu items and you chose 3 eggs and toast? hehe. The breakfast pot pie looked tempting. I will need to try it. I really enjoy the pancakes at Snooze though they are super sweet.

caninecologne said...

So that's where Snooze is! You know, Kazumi sushi across the stret is no more as well.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, pretty tasty!

Hi Kirbie! I know.. my breakfasts cravings are so predictable. But gotta start the day right! ;)
The concept of a real breakfast pot pie actually sounds really great. Here, it's pastry with gravy on top. Good but in a 'just OK' kinda way...

Hi CC! Yeah I noticed Kazumi gone a while back. They made good sushi. Makes me wish I had visited them more now.

CAB said...

Pork Bun! That sounds really good right now as does that breakfast plate.

Mary said...

I loved the breakfast pot pie, but I think it's way better to share. I like sweet AND savory, so breakfast is tough for me sometimes. The pork bun looks good, too, I love those things.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary! We should all meet up for an early morning breakfast one of these days... :)