Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Early Bird: A White Castle Breakfast (And Quick Krystal Slider Comparison)

Still have a few more food related posts to share from my Nashville business trips last year. The days started very early so it always felt like I was running tight on time, but one morning (in partial feeling of hunger and partial curiosity for sake of blogging) I decided to swing by White Castle for their relatively new breakfast offerings.

I first heard about it on Mr. Dave's Ridiculous Food Society of Upstate New York blog which unfortunately has been offline recently. The gist was that these guilty bite sized breakfast creations were made on the same griddle to order with fresh cracked eggs.

Aside from the Bacon-Egg-Cheese and Sausage-Egg-Cheese sliders that I got ($1.49/ea.), there are the fat coin shaped "Hash Rounds" and also French Toast Sticks. Below my greasy brown bag which came to me handed that way from the cashier. The contents of the plastic bag is my early Christmas gift to meself. Fyi on the back table you can see a large piece of duct taped, carpeted cardboard which was owned by a homeless person. I probably would've been more in the giving Holiday Spirit if he weren't cussing profanity to himself, but anyway.

While you probably only get about half an egg per slider, these were a tender spatula split marble of yolk and whites, perfectly complementing the salty/greasy proteins. At first felt could've popped twice as many but despite the looks they were deceptively filling.

I had to also do a basic slider ($0.68) since it had been a while. (My first White Castle experience post from 2009 here.) I don't know, as junk food flavored as they are I still think they're pretty tasty. The square sliver of greasy beef patty with sweet onions, a dill pickle coin pinched between steamed buns. Of course I've only had one (you start to feel it from the third or fourth...), but I just know one of these days I'm going to get a Crave Case.

The early Christmas gift btw was their 90th Anniversary Mug Cup. I know you're Jealous! ;)

Wanted to quickly also share my drop into a Krystal while I'm at it. Was during a random fuel fill up when I noticed the gas station had one attached. It was before dinner but again, in partial hunger but also partial curiosity for sake of blogging...

It seems the Krystal franchise is a lot more prone to various promotional trials. If I remember right aside from a basic Cheese Krystal, I had one with BBQ sauce and another with Chili.

These perceptively looked larger and I was anxious to finally try, but they just didn't seem do it for me like the White Castles. Maybe it was how the buns could've been more moist but I still felt the bread-to-filling ratio was leaning a little too toward bread.

Maybe one day I'll have a chance to try their breakfast. Grits, scrambles and Jimmy Dean patties? I'm in. :)

And an old Krystal commercial with very young Samuel L. Jackson. Apparently this was before the Big Kahuna Burger, haha.


Mary said...

I've never had a freshly made White Castle, only the sad (yet strangely kind of tasty) frozen variety. I was kind of amused by the White Castle/Church's chicken combination store.

edjusted said...

That White Castle breakfast sandwich looks pretty tasty. Wish there was one around here.

caninecologne said...

hmmm, i thought my comment posted a few days ago. maybe i forgot an extra step. in any case, great post! i've never heard of krystal sliders. only had real white castle once (in chicago) and the frozen kind here.

cool that you dug up an old commercial with 'mace windu' or shall i say, 'nick fury'!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary! Walking into those white super mario esque buildings I felt was always part the charm too I guess. Yeah I don't know when Church's started to share the franchise with them (like how Green Burrito are in Carl's Jr.) but it doesn't seem too long ago.

Hi Ed! I thought they were pretty good, just guilty enough.

Hi CC! Kobayashi has another one of his eating records from Krystal. I'm sure you can find on Youtube. I'll always remember SLJ as Jules, but my favorite line is Vincent's "Bacon taste good...." Man, I can't wait until the new Avengers movie is out!

caninecologne said...

That's right, Jules! When I hear the name Kobayashi, I think of "The Usual Suspects". I can't believe that skinny (well he used to be) guy can eat all those hot dogs and hamburgers! Ugh, so gross.

re: Avengers movie, Bert feels the same way!

Su-Lin said...

I've never had a White Castle slider! I never realised how adorable cute they are!

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, I can't say I've seen that movie. Looks like a good one that I've been missing out on.(!)

Hi Su-Lin, hope you're doing well! You can get 30 of them in a large box called the Crave Case. But from experience I can only do about four before feeling I'm done.

kaszeta said...

Dennis: We've got to get you to one of the areas of the country that really embrace the independent slider joint, either Northern NJ or Southeastern Detroit. Both have several places that do a phenomenal take on the slider, making a sandwich that's identical in concept to the White Castle product, but infinitely better in execution (such as the most-excellent Bates in Livonia, MI)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kaszeta! Yup, meaning to try those spots next time I'm up in the Detroit area (though trips for me there recently have been far few between...). I'm also all aware of the "Slider Snobs." I didn't cover the topic here as it would've made my post too long. Hope you're doing well! Take care.