Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ramen From Leftovers - Little Sheep And Spicy City

Sharing a cobbled up weekend lunch made with some leftovers from a couple months back. Had dinner with friends that week at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. As usual the meal ended with some noodles, but it was the first for me to find out that the soup was available to take home. "I can do this again the next day!??" I then proceeded to fill the provided extra large Styro cup with last scoopable ladleful.

The soup by then is full of all the various vegetable, mushroom and meat goodness. A kaleidoscope of umami that is miles better than when first starting the meal. I do have to admit though that the base soup that they are so generously willing to pour and top off your pot always tasted somehow very 'synthetically enhanced' to me. The website says it is MSG free and made from scratch daily. If they say so, but it is inarguably tasty nevertheless.

The friends sensitive to heat took the white original soup and so I went for the lava red spicy. A few days later with additional leftovers from Spicy City I decided to make a meal of it. Thought the clingy characteristics of wavy chijire noodles might work better for the brothy soup and so pilfered a serving from one of my nama Shoyu Ramen packages.

I have my twirl technique for plating spaghetti, but for ramen it's always the "Lift & Drape..."

But this day a moundful of greens and protein would be hiding it anyway. Snow Bean Leaf with Garlic and also some Cumin Lamb (Fried Lamb with Cumin on the menu).

I actually didn't enjoy all that much this version Cumin Lamb from SC. The cumin flavor was very low and the overall savory flavor also lacking. I prefer the version at DeDe's much more but I haven't been back there to try it again since the new (again) ownership (the Mapo Doufu did change). But anyway, despite, it easily worked well as a topping for this spicy lamb-centric broth. The delicious hot soup that I would be having with my spoon.


kirbie said...

At Ranch 99 I've seen the Little Sheep broth seasoning sold. It's basically a package mix soup base to be added with water/broth. I haven't actually tried it yet though. It's usually in that very last section of the market near the bakery and cooked food section, where they have boxes of random stuff like they ran out of room.

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - You're alive! Actually, form what I know and have seen, most Ma La Huo Guo is made from base, even in China. Ba Ren used to sell their base.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks for the info Kirbie! I might have to try that one of these days. I always thought the soup is best ironically at the end of the meal when you're done. So it's great to know now that you can take it all home.

Hi Kirk! Haha, yeah took a little break. I love all the spices in the Ma La Huo Guo, but there's something about the flavor of the base (that they so generously pour) that tastes like it could've come from cubes.(?) Maybe it's just me...