Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Updates - Ramen Yamadaya Coming To SD, Four Year Bloggaversary Post

Yup, it's been four years. But first to more exciting things, Ramen Yumma-daya, I mean Yamadaya is coming to SD.(!) July 25th, I got my calendar marked. [Update: Check out my first visit here and a more thorough first month visits post here.]

I had dinner at Little Sheep last night and whaddya know, they're opening up in the same mall just a couple doors down. It's been a while since my first and last visit at the original Torrance location back in Oct. 2010 but I knew they've been expanding rapidly. Currently there are five Yamadaya locations including the newly opened Sherman Oaks branch.

Looks their menu has expanded a lot as well where while they've been primarily a Hakata-style Tonkotsu establishment, they now seem to additionally offer a brothy clear type Premium Shio and Shoyu which I might be looking forward to more if they also have plans for them here.

They've been the rarer exception in So. Cal. of a place that served katsu and teriyaki items that also managed to produce commendable ramen, so people can get their Japanese deep-fry fix here too. Japanese Gyozas weren't too bad as well if I remember right.

Ramen Yamadaya, 4706 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego,CA 92117

Back to my blog.. I feel I've been doing this a lot longer but Year Four is behind me as of today and now onto my fifth. Still planning to put up random food related topics that inspire me as a Food Curious. (A descriptor I came up with a while back after long deliberation.)

[Giant Takoyaki @ Meiji Jingu, January 3, 2011]

Maybe a self induced quick Q&A is due for this year...

Q: Is Dennis your real name?
A: Might have mentioned before but it actually isn't. But have felt comfortable enough with it when meeting other fellow bloggers in real life and missed the critical awkward timing of telling them otherwise. The 'K' btw comes from the Japanese Curry loving original Super Sentai yellow ranger - Kiranger.

Q: Any favorite/proud posts?
A: Embarrassed to say I have a few but I seem to corner any query for "Japanese Worcestershire (sauce)" thanks to my dandy Usutaa Sauce chart. While the most popular route to my humble blog according to stats would be via a Chirashi photo on lunching at Sushi Ota, I'm actually more excited of the fact that if you Google-Image "One meatball," my pic from Volare is usually up there in the top three. In all of the entire google-verse, how cool!?

Q: Who's your target audience?
A: I don't really have one but I try to write for a broad (nerdy) international readership as much as a lot of the content is SD specific by nature. Most comments I get are from other food bloggers.

Q: Other memorable moments in the four years you've been blogging?
A: Yes, it's when I got a hit from S.E.T.I.!

Probably just a receptionist trying to figure out what to have for lunch, but I can't help get totally nerded out about it.

Q: Most swiped photo without permission?
A: That's easy, it's the Triple Scoop Thrifty's Ice Cream Cone.

Q: Last, do you have a favorite single food/meal/dish?
A: It's hard to narrow to one, but it's most probably something Japanese Yoshoku. Aside from the nostalgic component I think I like how it reminds me that everything we eat were adaptations at one point and evolving. Some just stuck around longer and/or had good PR. But a nicely done scratch made bowl of Miso Soup is hard to beat... So I'll take what I first said back and it's a piping hot bowl of Miso Soup with lots of Bonito dashi flavor. Yeah!

Thanks again for visiting. Looking forward to another year!


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Happy bloggaversary! Those giant takoyaki look amazing. Should plant a candle on top instead of on a cake and celebrate in style. ;)

kaszeta said...

Heh, I remember the cheapy Thrifty cylindrical ice cream scoops from my childhood in Arizona. Yum.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks WC! I didn't try at the time but was really curious about them. Hope you're doing well!

Hi Kaszeta! Yeah that triple scoop only cost two bucks!

Minxi said...

Happy bloggaversary! Looking forward to try out Ramen Yamadaya, too :)

caninecologne said...

hi dennis
happy 4 year blogaversary! love your blog! great photo of the triple scoop. i remember when it onl cost a quarter to get a triple scoop! the cylindrical scoops are easier to stack, eh.

let's go to ramen yamadaya when it opens. you can help me figure out their menu!

still in canada. we come return to s.d. tomorrow.

my jeans don't fit anymore, uh oh! haha!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Minxi! I'm digging the location of Yamadaya at least for selfish reasons (much closer to La Jolla where I work!) but I think it was a good choice to avoid convoy for once.

Thanks CC! Yeah let's do that. I've been enjoying a lot your Canada posts! It always feels neat to get to post during the travel. Have a safe trip back!

K and S said...

exciting bloggaversary! looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

KirkK said...

Congrats Dennis! Best wishes for many more years of great posts. I noticed the Yamadaya sign as well. Did you happen to notice that Kazumi has relocated to "Moby Dick" of all places?

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Kat!

Thanks Kirk! I knew Kazumi was gone from Hillcrest but didn't know they relocated there. I wonder if they plan to open for lunch.

kirbie said...

Happy Bloggaversary! I can't wait to try out Yamadaya. I love that pic of the giant takoyaki too. Oh and I love your self Q and A. hehee

JD said...

Congratulations on your 4th bloggaversary!! Wishing you more great posts to come.
PS. Can't wait to try Ramen Yamadaya!!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Kirbie! I hope Yamadaya SD keeps the quality and consistency on par with the main store. I feel they'll be getting good brisk business in that location with UCSD folks.

Thanks JD! And thanks for dropping by. :)

Jenne said...

Hooray, new ramen place! And congrats on four years of food curiosity!

Junichi said...

I learned about Yamadaya opening up in SD when I saw classified ads in the local YuYu looking for staff. Will definitely be there on opening night since I live in the neighborhood.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Jenne! Looking forward too.

Hi Junichi! I missed that Yu-Yu ad. I haven't confirmed Yamadaya's new Premium Shoyu and Shio is a clear style, but I'm hoping.

Mary said...

I'm late to the game, but happy bloggaversary! Here's to four more years? :)

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Mary!