Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Quick Dinner @ Kaiserhof

Sharing a quick dinner I had with friend from a couple weekends back. Were in OB and Hodad's had a crazy line out. It had been a while since I visited the popular SD burger joint so I was a bit shocked but I'm guessing it might've been partly due to the Comic-Con in town at the time. Anyhow Kaiserhof ended up becoming Plan B.

Was actually my first visit here. Another one of those places from a long list that I've been meaning to try forever but just never got around. The first and last German restaurant I can remember going to in SD was Chef Axel in La Mesa back in earlier 2000.

Inside it was almost a comical contrast from the noise and beach goer casualness at Hodad's. The place is done up nicely, but not to the point of being too stuffy. Paintings of German castles and other tasteful paraphernalia hang the walls while the curtains on every window further help you feel you've been transported.

Beeru time. A Hefeweizen sounded perfect for the hot weather. They had two choices out of at least the dozen or so regularly kept beers on tap. Went for the Paulaner. Had the familiar initial wheatiness with nice citrus fruity finish, but felt extra smooth and balanced, probably helped some by being a draft. Was very refreshing to say the least. The Bitburger Pils looked pretty good too.

Onion soup was what was being served the day. A nice beefy broth with a home made taste. Some onion soups I've had tend to have a light bitter aftertaste but this had none of it and great.

My sausage sampler Wurst Platte ($21.95, including soup or salad). Your artful looking selection of Knackwurst, Bratwurst and Bauernwurst comes resting on a bed of sauerkraut and red potatoes to the side. I now wish I had asked then which was which. The far right is easy enough and the Knackwurst. A fine textured which if it were more herby (and white) would've reminded me of Weisswurst (my all time favorite). This was more garlicky though and I believe made with beef (instead of veal and pork).

The middle, my familiarity at least by looks would guess the Bratwurst. I enjoyed the flavor of spices a lot in this. Had little resemblance to ones I'd get at the supermarket and was really great. By process of elimination I would think the furthest to the left was the Bauernwurst (never had). It was good but maybe my least favorite of the bunch only because the flavors reminded me of a spicy Kielbasa or Andoullie. Would be great if they let you choose three you wanted for the plate.

If all that weren't enough I also had to try a side of the Potato Pancake. Was pleasantly crispy on the outside and had a moist potatoey inner with spices and I remember the additional nice flavors of onions. Comes with some apple sauce. Yum.

The tab came about $35 per person. Not exactly cheap but considering what we had and setting it was well worth it. At an Izakaya would've easily spent equal to that if not more. If I were a German transplant and missed the flavor and dishes of home I imagine the place would be close to godsend. I do know what that can feel like.

Kaiserhof Restaurant & Biergarten, 2253 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego, CA 92107


Junichi said...

They actually have a pretty good happy hour in the patio area. Free food and cheap appetizers.

Dennis K. said...

Oops I mean to say OB, not PB.. Anyway thanks for the tip Junichi! Did get to go to Yamadaya today? I'm gonna wait till the weekend probably.

K and S said...

looked like a great place!

Junichi said...

I already saw Yelp reviews for Yamadaya so they opened right on schedule. Not an easy feat. I'll wait a few days for Yamadaya to work out the kinks. Plus I ate 3 bowls of ramen this past weekend for the Mitsuwa Kyushu festival. So I'm a little ramened out. Tanaka shoten was creamy and sublime. No wonder they score so high in Japan. Tatsu no ya did not disappoint as usual. But the suprise was at Ramen Iroha inside the Marukai Redondo food court. Their Toyama black shoyu ramen was incredible. I wasn't even hungry but managed to slurp down a bowl easily. My brother had the red and it was spicy and left a tingly sensation on the tip of the tongue. Maybe they use Szechuan peppercorns? They're only there until September. Definitely recommended.

Dennis K. said...

That's pretty hardcore Junichi! I actually missed this visit, had too much going on. I didn't know about Iroha, gotta check them out. Always wanted to try a Toyama Black. I've heard some could be pretty salty but that's the way it's served.
I actually ended up visiting Yamadaya today. Will probably have a post up tonight. Hey you should send me an email on the blog's gmail account! Cheers

Dennis K. said...

Oops, hi Kat! Yeah it's a pretty cool place.

Cathy Doe said...

Haven't been to Kaiserhof in forever and used to go all the time (when it was closer to home). The food reminds me of my mom's (Polish) cooking. Between here and Tip Top, my cravings will be met!