Monday, July 30, 2012

Sakae Sushi, Gardena - Revisit

The evening of the day after my double bowls at Ramen Iroha showcase in Marukai Gardena, I decided to drop by Sakae Sushi to pick up some dinner to have later at home. This place is the bee's knees. My first funky post on them two years ago here. I must've been into some weird creative writing slant back then. The flow feels tortured and awkward, probably trying too hard, haha. A bit embarrassed now that I look back but that shouldn't ever detract from the awesomeness of Sakae. (!)

Asked for the 12pc Mix ($9.75).

Always thought their packaging is so darn cool!

Below the contents (sorry it was late and the sun just about to set)...

Seasoned on the sweeter side, such a great treat. The saba is really nice, marinated in light vinegar and not fishy in the least bit. I've never been a huge fan of shrimp growing up but enjoy the Ebi here. Futomaki and Inari I can snack on all day. What they call the Tamago in the middle is probably the prettiest but tastes even better. The only thing I wished maybe was a dab of wasabi somewhere.

Sakae Sushi, 1601 West Redondo Beach Boulevard, Gardena, CA 90247


Allen said...

Wow just stopped by today. The rice is killer. Thanks for the great post! Wasabi packs are available for $0.15 by the way.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Allen, it was umai wasn't it!? Glad you enjoyed the place. They do occasionally ask about soy sauce, but nice to know about the wasabi, thanks.