Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Early Bird: Adam's Steak 'N Eggs - Revisit

Another hearty breakfast from Adam's Steak 'N Eggs (first post here). Went with friend a few weekends ago. Funny it was another Plan B for us come to think but I finally got the name sake Steak and Eggs ($12).

I somehow ended up with standard issue white toast (they're usually cut thicker), not sure how I ordered different. But the hash browns were quite terrific. Eggs over-easy as usual cause I'm boring that way at least for breakfast.

The steak was surprisingly decently tender. I mean it's no chateaubriand but it was much better than many I've had in diners, in fact to the point I almost never order S&Es. May have been slightly more done than the medium I had asked for but was decently pink in the very center. Beautiful grill marks and I thought the flavor was fine, again it's not like I'm expecting anything aged at this price point. Like most of my favorite breakfast spots, the food is good but the atmosphere is what I enjoy the most at Adam's Steak 'N Eggs.

Adam's Steak 'n Eggs, 1201 Hotel Circle S, San Diego, CA 92108

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