Friday, August 10, 2012

Miho Gastrotruck - Quick Revisit

Whoo whee, it was another hot day today. I needed to go grab something quick for lunch and finally remembered to give the MIHO truck another visit.

I've known for a while that on Fridays they've been parking off Town Center Drive over by the Amylin Pharmaceutical building. Right in front of the pond with obelisk which is pretty much impossible to miss.

The first and last I've visited was over two years ago when they just got up and running. Was one of the first fusion/gourmet food trucks in SD following the famous Kogi craze in L.A. Hard to believe there are close to seventy in this newer category now according to

I always liked the locally sourced message of MIHO. And being a creative myself I like to give credit to people who aren't afraid of trying things and that care about quality. Nothing you haven't heard in "sit downs" sure but the medium of a mobile truck makes it accessible to people in my situation today. Given my time the option in the area was the UTC Westfield mall food court, or maybe the pay-by-weight hot deli at Bristol Farms or Whole Foods. Oh, and we can't forget McD's drive-thru...

Instead I got here a made to order "New" Lamb Burger 2.0 ($10). Fresh ground lamb, sheep milk cheese on a ciabatta from a San Diego bakery. The sweet pepper relish, honey yogurt and fresh crunchy cucumbers kept things cool and on the lighter side. A pretty terrific burger. The patty was maybe a bit over the medium mark but still moist and tender. The distinct pleasant grassy/gamey flavor also on the mild side for my taste but my favorite way of consuming the meat has always been as a roast, thinly cut.

Gotta say the fries were fantastic ($3). Kennebec potatoes that were twice fried (my guess) for that perfectly crispy outer and fluffy potatoey inner. I can see myself be back just for those! If anything maybe I wished there were a little more cause they were so darn good. The less sweet hand made spicy ketchup was a nice detail too. Best of all it was great seeing the truck getting some love with brisk business. I remember some unnecessarily brutal "reviews" online during the early days... Anyway, keep up the great work guys! Next time I promise to bring along friends.

MIHO Gastrotruck Official Website

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