Saturday, August 25, 2012

Retort Report: A Couple More MUJI Curries

Has been a while but my retort curry stash from Japan will all need to be consumed fairly soon. Seems it's going to be a foil-lined vacuum sealed curry weekend for me (and not complaining the least bit). A quick background to MUJI's packaged curries can be read on the Green Curry post which happens to be my favorite from their line. Their Butter Chicken is also in my top picks.

Today we have the (Thai) Yellow Curry and a Singapore Style Soup Curry. The yellow is a middle Three-Muji-Chili-Pepper spice rating and the Singapore with a bit more heat at four. Into boiling water they go, and yes I had them both in one sitting. At 200g per package, for me these are more a medium fill serving perfect for a late afternoon snack.

As with Muji's Green, the Yellow Curry was nice with only a very mild natural sweetness from coconut milk and the spices are more played up front stage. I enjoy the lemongrass flavors and the single Bird's Eye chili pepper gives a nice kick. With Shimeji mushrooms, larger cubes of potatoes and decent amount of tender chicken pieces, makes for a good fill despite the smaller serving size.

I haven't had many Singapore style curries in my life but Muji keeps the quality high as usual with extra large button mushrooms, chunky cut carrots and potatoes and the same tender dark meat chicken pieces. All simmered in a flavorful stock with a tomato accented curry spice blend. The curry has a more gingery and tomato note and I thought I tasted Kaffir lime leaves although I don't see it listed on the ingredients list (or online recipes).

I heard from friends that MUJI may finally be opening a store in the Bay Area. Or am I being confused with the conversation about Uniqlo? Either way it seems I'm still going to have to rely on my loving Big Sis for future replenishments.


Jinxi said...

MUJI in the Bay Area would be awesome. Time to go back and visit! Also, there's a huge snack sale at Mitsuwa, tons of stuff for $! :P

K and S said...

I think it may be UniQlo, I still need to try those MUJI curries!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jinxi! I miss Muji. Even 7-11's in Japan had a small Muji section in the store. I'm afraid Kat is right, it's a Uniqlo they're opening in SF. Did you stock up on snacks? ;)

Hi Kat! I particularly recommend their Green Curry!

caninecologne said...

I liked the Muji store in SoHo/NYC. So minimalistic and stylish, their products were.

CAB said...

Yum, curry!