Friday, August 31, 2012

Retort Report: Tokyo X Pork Curry

Time for another captivating I-know-all-been-waiting report on retort pouch curries. Consumed this week a special treat, Tokyo-X Pork Curry. Was a just recently received gift and unrelated to my original stash.

Tokyo X is a Japanese brand breed pig where its pork product much like Matsuzaka or the more famous Kobe wagyu is to beef. Wiki mentions that it was highlighted once on the original Iron Chef but I personally remember first hearing on very early Dotch episodes (quickly becoming a subsequent regular in show appearances).

In contrast to the fancier gold foiled box, the pouch inside was almost mysteriously unembellished. Once opened, I noticed a more than usual amount of oils around the foil lining. The color an intense appetite inducing dark caramel with extremely nice fragrance to match. Plated of course along with a serving of also steaming hakumai rice.

To me the seductive rue possessed an almost dizzying quality of natural beauty that I decided not to garnish with my usual Fukushinzuke pickles. (And of all times I even had rakkyo ready...)

Were smaller cubes of sweet carrot and potatoes and at a chu-kara (中辛) medium heat level. It wasn't as porky in flavor (like how the Wagyu Beef Curry had intense beefiness) as much as it was a Really Really Good Japanese curry. The dryer texture of the pork pieces were perhaps a bit betraying in expectation but the flavor of the curry with excellent rue definitely made up for it. Reminded me of ones you might find served in semi-formal Ginza Yoshoku or old school Japanese hotel restaurants. Not too shabby to think the meal came from a vacuum sealed pouch.


Minxi said...

Whoa, you sort of just blew my mind with gourmet curry in a pouch. :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Minxi! I didn't know anyone really cared about these posts, haha. I kinda just did them for my own documentative purposes. Anyway the actual pork pieces were kinda dry but the curry itself was excellent.

caninecologne said...

i've never tried these curry pouches before. i'll have to get one or two next time i'm in the japanese markets up in kearny mesa.

now about the sodium content, i'd gather they're pretty high?

K and S said...


Dennis K. said...

Hi CC! The sodium by weight is half that of Spam.. But by serving per meal it's probably a wash..? ;)

Hi Kat! Umai!