Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ramen Radar: Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair 2012 - Kagetora And Ezofukuro

There were a few things I left out my last random rambling post for the sake of it not being too long but another Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair is coming up again for the year of 2012. This Thursday through Sunday (Sept 20th~23rd) at a So. Cal. Mitsuwa near you. [Update: Read about my Costa Mesa visit here!]

As most Mitsuwa Fairs my interests usually revolve around any ramen showcases, but Kagetora who served a Miso in the past will now offer their version of a Kotteri Shoyu and Kotteri Shio at the Torrance store. Judging by the looks of the small photos my guess would be a tonkotsu based. May be worth a try if you're in the area.

Then Ezofukuro who served a Shio Butter Tsukemen back in July 2010, is now switching up to a straight Miso at Costa Mesa. I always look forward in trying a Miso Ramen from a Hokkaido based shop. A good version of it here is hardest to come by (only equally next to a quality brothy classic Shio maybe).

As always I'll probably be deciding to do the small trek the morning of the weekend but for the first since maybe the Beef Tongue Teishoku of Tsukasa I'm actually looking forward to sampling another non-ramen item which is a Buta-don (pork bowl) from pork bowl capital (yes there is such a thing) Tokachi, Hokkaido. Tokachi Butadon Ippin boasts one of select pork loin coated multiply in an "irresistible sauce" and grilled with binchotan charcoal. Sounds good to me... :) And they'll be at both Costa Mesa and Torrance locales.

Mitsuwa San Diego will be participating as well with seafood bentos, possibly croquettes and more.

The week's been pretty hectic which usually means mall food and chips from vending machines for me. Hope you all been having some good eats otherwise. I could use a good Tonkatsu Teishoku right now, but who doesn't?

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