Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Ramblings - Keeping Cool And A Random Japanese Fast Food Burger Medley

Oh my. The heat. I haven't been in the mood to do much over the weekend, but tonight for the old blog I've managed to cobble up some images, most from my last Winter vacation trip back home and Tokyo.

Shown above is a Soda7 Popsicle. Your local island version of ubiquitous Ramune flavored ice on a stick. Below a Santa-Gundam prop at a Soft Bank store. Like a visual version of wind chimes I find it cooling viewing them on my monitor.

I've been excited to know after talking with the fam over the months that I'd be back again next year, Winter of 2013. It's more than a year from now but I can't help myself think.

My grandparents house in the Northern very rural part of Okinawa is a state recognized historical/preserved site of sorts. It's been used in shoots for many NHK dramas and more recently a movie, the film called "Yagi no Bouken."(やぎの冒険)
We'd visit at least twice a year during Summer and also New Years. It was a very Totoro-esque childhood experience that I cherish dearly (though I'd quickly miss the city if I stayed too many days).

Below, Goya bitter melon from a relative's farm. Strange how the sight makes my mouth water. Great for 'Natsu Bate Yobou' or warding off those Summer heat exhaustion blues. Haven't done a cooking post using them yet but will soon surely.

Also found a Jimami Dofu photo from a friend's hole in wall eatery which I'll let unnamed for the time being. Jimami Dofu is an Okinawan dessert tofu made with peanuts.

The flavor isn't as peanutty as one might think but has a very condensed almost dairy like richness. Lightly sweet and has the consistency in between really thick pudding and Warabimochi maybe. It's delicious!

I miss my walks a lot too, usually grabbing a quick bite at one of many food parlors along streets. Some Inari in Okinawa tends to be very pale in color and also lighter tasting. It's very popular to snack along with your main meals, so the lighter flavoring makes it an easy complement.

This shop and the Island's Inari was introduced in the Japanese micro local trends television program the Himitsu no Kenmin Show. (秘密の県民ショー) It's one of my favorite variety shows to watch recently.

These plastic wrapped burgers bring back a lot of memories too. This one I got from a quick stop bento store which are also plenty around.

Totally random but I've documented close to 30 manhole covers during my week there, haha!

It had been eight years since my last visit and you can say everything seemed so interesting to me again. Also having the blog now kinda upped my compulsive photo-documenting habits to new heights.

Another random tangent, going to squeeze in a few pics of Japanese Fast Food Burgers, mostly from MOS. **But a disclaimer here that these give me a completely different sense of satisfaction from a true great American Burger. Most traditional burger aficionados would likely sneer. You kinda have to have grown up with them maybe (though I do have many American friends who were immediate fans).

MOS Teriyaki Burger, oh how I miss you so. I forget sometimes that this chain invented the Teriyaki Burger. Burger traditionalists won't like the texture of the smooth patty (and in that case nor the teriyaki sauce I guess...). But with the Pork and Beef Aibiki, umami is the word.

An original MOS Burger. The Japanese Meat Sauce is now copied by many in the East. Again, first started here. I've been getting a lot more hits in the past couple years for the recipe for the MOS Sauce so I've been wanting to get back experimenting with it. (And yes, there are many who claim the recipe online but I've yet to find one that is remotely close to the actual.)

MOS Teriyaki Chicken. As MOS had invented the Teriyaki Burger, not surprising they have also the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich. The roots: How do you combine that great Yakitori flavor into a sandwich... The answer, a genuinely tender and flavorful thigh portion with skin on with subtle char flavors. The fresh lettuce and onions are a must. Another perfected classic that may possibly be impossible to improve.

MOS Rosu Katsu Burger. A panko fried pork cutlet dipped in a sweeter savory sauce. It's still crispy when you bite into it and totally addicting. The finely shredded cabbage works great here.

A Freshness Burger, from Freshness Burger. So Darn Good. Speaking of MOS clones this is one that just may be better than the original.

Last, I'm a secret fan of Japan McD's Teriyaki McBurger in all of its sausage patty oddness. This one was a rare dud though. Not enough sauce.

The post turned out a bit all over the place this week but hope everyone's been successful in staying cool!


Minxi said...

There's MOS burger in Taiwan, too, but I think their main highlight is the rice buns. Do McD's in Japan also give you flavor packets with the fries? I remember I got a seaweed-salt packet once, made the amazing fries even more amazing haha :P

Dennis K. said...

Hi Minxi, yeah they're all over Asia now. People may know MOS now more for their rice burgers but personally never been a big fan of them. I often daydream about the original MOS Burger though!
It's hard to keep up with all the new promotional items. MOS now has a katsu-burger with spaghetti.

caninecologne said...

I've never heard of MOS. Looks like they have a lot of burger varieties - how cool is that!

and it's also cool to see that someone other than myself that takes photos of manhole covers! Japanese ones are quite pretty and each city seems to have their own design.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, MOS is huge in Japan. I forget how small the burgers are though every time I go back. But that lets me order and try two.. :)