Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Ramblings - Myoga Out My Ears

So much Myoga I don't know what to do with. Not quite but I'm excited to know I may have some of my own in a year's time thanks to friends. Maybe like Mangoes in Hawaii, Myoga in native climate Japan they grow plentiful and people give them away. Here a single bulb can cost up to $1.99.(!) Now if only my lime tree out back was actually Yuzu or Kabosu I could be raking up (pun intended) a small fortune.

Same friends made Okinawan Abura Miso over the weekend and sent me this picture. Looks great!

A type of eating condiment miso, other parts of Japan they have similar called Niku-Miso, or sometimes referred to as Bannou (versatile?) Miso depending.
This all came up btw when I was asked what my favorite Onigiri filling was. In Okinawa, abura miso is very popular. But never seen any type of miso as an omusubi filling here, that is until a couple weekends ago at Mitsuwa Costa Mesa.

Onigiri filled with Miso Shiitake. Never had but sounds good! Mitsuwa SD, you should follow suit. ;)
Also showing another Japanese Spaghetti Naporitan. I'm convinced there will be a big come back and Naporitan revolution soon. In any case if there is a country that may love ketchup (and mayo) more than the United States it just may be the JP. This photo is unique to the one shown on this post btw.

Another pic of a Naporitan with Japanese Curry I found on the back of a Sokenbicha tea bottle. It's very legit Japanese food and the chances of finding a Japanese person eating Karee Raisu on any given day is way higher than that of Soba or Sushi.

Random useless trivia. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ) was in a comedy group with friends before debuting as a singer and they named themselves Chicory (チコリー), after one of the ingredients in the fifteen blend of Sokenbicha.


I think it's time to do another longer Izakaya Sakura lunch post soon. It's been much too long. ;)

This is their Tekka-don which is a seafood bowl centered around Maguro sashimi. More of a rough cut butsugiri maguro, it's lightly marinated here which I like. But probably what really draws me back time and time is their miso soup. You can really taste the scratch made ichiban-dashi.

Speaking of to-do posts, the same Golden City gang of Kirk, Cathy, Carol and I gathered at Que Huong recently to meet up with Sawyer who was back down in SD for a month. It was really great to see him again the smart lad. Good luck finishing up Davis! I really do miss your soup posts.

A variety of dishes courtesy of Kirk ordering. Of the more exotic we had a Boar's meat stir-fry (which was really good), but shown above is the Cha Ca Thang Long, Hanoi style turmeric fish with dill. I think some cumin is used too but it's really great. Of course we had to have the fish sauce wings. Maybe Carol or Cathy will have their's up before mine.
But been to Que Huong at least once before with Canine Cologne and Kirbie too so maybe I'll make it a single longer post. Also been to Sultan Kabob with them back in March which was a seriously fantastic meal. You can read about it on their blog here and here.

I introduced a friend to the fish tacos at Mariscos El Pescador truck and we've been back twice since. They were still pretty good but I thought maybe not as awesome as how they used to be? :/

Price is now up to $1.25 (from $0.99). The fish pieces were smaller and lukewarm (maybe fried ahead of time?) and the tortilla were also not heated sufficiently. Still they were good enough for me to want a third. Below post dressage with some pickled onions, hot salsa, and that mystery tasty pink sauce.

Last, some SD hot dog news. Found some Thumann's brand natural casing beef franks at Siesel's (Morena). I purchased some at Lisko's a while back but it was a little cheaper here. They're good and if you've ever wanted to deep-fry and construct an authentic NJ Ripper at home, it's what to get.

Otherwise just been taking it easy this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


K and S said...

I think myoga can be found on the Big Island in Hawaii too, I remember eating it sliced thin with cooked tako and good!

imjustatree said...

Great seeing you again too Dennis! Next time, you will have to take me to your favorite ramen joint or recommend some dishes at Izakaya. Will be down there again for a few weeks next year for an externship!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! Yeah I think the humidity helps some and I know a couple people who have myoga in their gardens here. There must be a growth tipping point where the plant can sustain itself. That or being diligently watered all the time?

Hey Sawyer! That was a fun day. Looking forward to when you're back! We should meet up more than once then! ;)