Friday, October 12, 2012

I ♥ Nashville - Cantrell's Bar-B-Q Pit

I actually still have a couple more of these to share from my multiple business trips taken last year. How I found Cantrell's was completely by chance. Since I had an hour to kill before finally heading to the airport I decided to explore the city more, aimlessly cruising through towns, sometimes on large busy boulevards but more often along small side streets. As I'd have my portable GPS set to BNA, I'd simply follow its instructions when the time came.

At first I thought Cantrell's was a Western themed bar of some sort, but noticed the pink lettered sign and of course the bright polka-dot painted piggies placed about. Since I really had no idea where I was it made the random find even more exciting but I'd later find out I was actually only a few blocks away from Ellington Pkwy, a major artery that cuts through East Nashville.

Really wished I had a bigger appetite but by this time I could only do a small meal. I forgot the price of the Pulled Pork Sandwich here but it wasn't a lot. In fact a bargain considering what I got.

The buns were of the typical off-shelf but very squishy fresh. The pulled pork was loosely hand packed into a thick hockey puck. That's a lot of meat! Similar to Mary's it was hardly smokey in flavor but extremely moist. Fairly homogenous where it did make me wish for some of those tasty bark ends but the contrast between the vinegary hot regional BBQ sauce and creamy sweeter coleslaw easily made it a pleasant snack. I think there was the ubiquitous Nashville BBQ sandwich pickle coin or two in there as well if I remember right.

A decent meal for the price but if I ever made it back I'd be sure to return with a bigger appetite so I can try their ribs and other side samplings from the plate.

Cantrell's Bar-B-Q Pit, 829 Lischey Ave, Nashville, TN 37207


K and S said...

that sandwich looks huge!

caninecologne said...

How exciting, a random find! I like the polka dotted piggies too!

Minxi said...

Oh my, this brings back memories. I used to live in Knoxville TN and boy do I miss BBQ and southern food!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, it was pretty filling!

Hi CC! Yeah it was pretty fun to find them, painted piggies and all.. :)

Hi Minxi! I really wished I had the appetite to try the ribs here. But I hear ya about missing certain comfort foods. I definitely have them too. :)