Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Random Things Of Autumnal Hues

I can't believe it's almost November, crazy mang. A quick post tonight about things mostly relating to food, some not.

Made birdhouses out of those foam pumpkins they sell at Michaels/Joann Fabrics. Will be painting them white to match the abode. These will be permanent year-round foam pumpkin birdhouses.

Have you ever had Have'A Corn Chips?? I found out about them from my new cool friends last I was up in Santa Cruz. Their flavoring of soy sauce and dash of lime is rather unusual but I totally love them. It'll probably take a few chips to notice as it's seasoned conservatively but nice in that it doesn't interfere with any dips or salsa if you decide to go the way. But definitely great as-is. I found them here at Whole Foods and just last night saw them at Henry's Sprouts. Haven't checked Trader Joe's yet. $1.99 for a smaller bag. Well worth.

The neighborhood cat. If you notice the shadows, this was very early in the morning before heading to work. The previous one I took I dropped my iPhone(!), chipped the glass and even lost some pixels. Oh well, but maybe gives me another reason to upgrade to the 5.

Totally random but I like this photo I took at a 7-Eleven.

Hot Dog flavored chips I purchased quite a while back. Nice try 7-Eleven but mostly tasted of yellow mustard. Better were these Premium Nori Shio chips at Nijiya.

I buy Calbee's Nori Shio jumbo value pack when they're on sale but this was at another level of dried seaweed flavor and aroma (in a good way).

Little Japanese Naporitan Spaghetti (radiused) corner fillers for kids bento found in the freezer section of Mitsuwa. I can get obsessed wanting to document certain subjects time to time.

Like here's another photo-documented at Mitsuwa Costa Mesa above. And you can count on Mitsuwa's flagship store in Torrance to have a larger deluxe version (below)... :)

Canned mushrooms on sale I purchased at Ralph's for my next Naporitan I'll be making at home. Plan to cut it with a little Demi Glace for a more adult taste.

Naporitan talk over. I love the Kimchee at Convoy Tofu House! Always had.

It's much less sour and a little sweeter than most. You can buy them to take home in a medium size foam container for ~$5. But since it's hardly fermented it doesn't keep well and you need to finish it before four-days to a week max. At least that's what I've been told.

Convoy Tofu House, 4229 Convoy Street San Diego, CA 92111

I thought Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell would be only a Summer thing but it seems to be going strong on their menu. Not a lot left to the imagination with these. The taco shell is flavored with (original) Doritos seasoning, that's the depth of the shtick. The part I like most is probably the packaging. And the colors now timely for Fall?

Another Autumnal color palette, below a plastic ham and cheese display of displays. Some probably could guess from where.

More meals with earth tone hues. I've had Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner at Regents Pizzeria at least four times in the last few weeks. It's been a pretty busy marathon month and I needed the carbo-loading, or so I reason.

But I am embarrassed to show how much parmesan cheese I use. It involves unscrewing the cap, yay. (恥ずかしい!) The meatballs are very garlicky here, and not complaining the least bit. Definitely more fulfilling than Noodle & Company at the Westfield mall a few blocks over.

Regents Pizzeria, 4150 Regents Garden Row La Jolla, CA 92037

The one non-Instagram photo in the bunch, a reuben sandwich I had at Mission Hills Corner Market. They usually have a couple Zapp's brand chips on hand and I grabbed the VooDoo flavor (basically your "earthquake" sour/savory/sweet/spicy everything flavor). It's a friendly corner shop with nice people. Haven't had a bad sandwich here.

Mission Hills Corner Market, 1630 W Lewis St, San Diego, CA 92103

Last, there's a great article (in English) on Nihon Soba in Nijiya's free quarterly publication "Gochiso." Check it out if you have the chance. Happy Halloween!


Roger said...

lol Regents has pasta? I never noticed... Used to only get the deep-dish + 1 slice pizza because of the coupons passed out @ UCSD :P

Dennis K. said...

Hey Roger, nice to see you back man! Good school memories at Regents huh? ;) They've actually improved a lot over the last years (I think the owners read yelp reviews and try to improve on it) but have to admit my recent dinner carbo-loading was mainly for convenience (like also my occasional visits to Yummy Maki Yummy Box).