Friday, November 9, 2012

Chicken And Pears Dish By Christopher, Random Snack Chips Find @ Mitsuwa SD

Hello there! Hope everyone is doing well whomever you all are (according to Sitemeter and Statcounter anyway). I'm playing catchup with my own blog reading list myself but wanted to post something (anything?) tonight.

Mr. Walken makes a Chicken and Pear dish:

Gosh, it's really him. Looking forward to more of these, in fact wish he'd have his own show.

Definitely more proper food posts on the way but I needed something easy for tonight and totally lucked out in finding some fun content at Mitsuwa on the way home that I thought I'd share. A bunch of really random snack chip flavors that was admittedly surprising even for seasoned Japanese junk food ol' me. Like they made the usual Okonomiyaki and even the seasonal Pumpkin Soup flavored seem normal and boring. They also must've been stocked relatively recently since I've never noticed most of them before.

The one that triggered the iPhone photo session was this "Too much cheese over pasta" flavor. Omg, so perfect for me haha!

The official name that is a mouthful is "Kakesugi ga Oishii!!! Cheese Tappuri Pasta-aji." A small relief that this totally embarrassing tendency of mine was in fact mainstream enough to become a chip flavor. I am not alone (though must clarify it's only when having the Italian American style pastas.)

Next, Ozack's Fish and Chips flavor.. 'Allo 'Allo!

As it's a potato based snack the "chips" portion is halfway there but written is also a tartar sauce component, not to mention the fried fish flavor a curiosity. Wonder if there is also a hint of malt vinegar.

Weirder though is this Ika no Shiokara flavored... That's your Japanese salt fermented squid. The blue cheese seasoned next to it seemed so mundane in comparison.

Even your Calbee's Ajiwai Shioaji was a claimed fancy blend of Sicilian rock salt and Australian sun-dried sea salt.

Another Calbee product below, a flavor combination I wouldn't have thought of putting together (for a chip anyway), Salt and Vanilla. Hmm, but still willing to try it once maybe.

Smoked Bacon flavor below which may not seem too special except that House Foods' "The Smoky" series goes as far as using smoked potatoes as a main ingredient for the chips.

Other flavors in the series are smoked cheese and smoked curry (now that I want to try!?).

I remember having ramen flavored chips before but I thought one to taste like Miya-Kishimen was pretty random... Kishimen is a type of flat udon popular in Nagoya btw.


The rest aren't super weird but still found interesting. These potato rings are a Korrokke (croquette) and Sauce flavor. I like how they went for the texture here as well, coating with panko bread crumbs. I'll have to try one of these days but afraid I would demand my potato snack chips to always be coated in panko from then on.

Pizza flavor is certainly nothing new but below is Mentaiko-Mayo flavored. Spicy cod/pollock roe and mayonnaise, oh and pizza. Eh, it's a Japanese pizza thing.

This Yamatono Aji-Karee seems a pretty typical retro curry flavored. Always love them in that pale Japanese cafeteria curry taste that brings back a lot of memories. なつかしい!and like the packaging too.

Was in Vegas a day and a half end of last week work related. My feet are still in pain from all the crazy walking. ;)

But did manage to have a pretty good burger that happened to be conveniently located in my hotel (thanks for the suggestion Erin!). Looking forward in writing about the meal in detail soon.

Otherwise been relying on energy drinks for my total rock star lifestyle. (Sarcasm)

Interesting how they most taste like Lipovitan. To another couple months until Winter break... ファイト!!一発!!