Saturday, December 8, 2012

I ♥ Nashville - A Cheeseburger @ Buster's Place

Technically Murfreesboro, but if one just so happens to be in the area... There's a nice burger waiting at Buster's Place, home of the Buster Burger. That's if you also happen to not be in the mood for the excellent smoked wings at Slick Pig BBQ or a great Meat and Three plate at Kleer-Vu Lunch Room. :)

As if an illustrative icon for a burger app maybe, the sandwich visually resembled something Sponge Bob may have made, then served to Popeye's friend Wimpy to eat. From the soft squishy buns that were nicely toasted on flat griddle, to the tall, almost upright, red ripe slice of tomato... The good sized beef patty protruding ever so beyond the diameter of the bun, and the melted bright yellow American cheese just holding its shape around the edges.

While the sight of the handwritten check toothpicked to my meal also brought a smile to my face, the few pickle coins pierced along with I felt were a local thing often seen on Nashville BBQ sandwiches.

Too bad the lettuce and onions were shredded (I prefer folded whole lettuce leaves) but the thick patty more than made up which I'd guess hovers in the third-pound range give or take. Most probably wouldn't be your grass-fed or certified organic either, but the meal in its entirety at $4.75 is undeniably satisfying.

As with my other Nashville institutional burgers at Brown's Diner and Rotier's, I've learned the default preferred doneness in town seems to be well-done. So I made sure to ask for it medium.

Having said that, I've always been in the camp that burgers not always must be cooked the way. It just needs to be moist and juicy which it was plenty between the nicely maillard reacted outer crust. Asking for it pink in the middle is sort of an insurance for it not being dry and overcooked, especially on thick pattied burgers like this one.

I did ask the long time chef how many ounces the patty was, but he just chuckled and said it was whatever filled the palm of his hands and was the way he had been making them for years. Made me wonder if I were the first to ever ask, haha. But Buster's Place is just that kind of local watering hole where the charm is brought in by the people that work there and atmosphere of reciprocated love from town regulars. Would be a delight to be back.

Buster's Place, 1615 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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Seth Resler said...

Nothing beats a good burger! I'll have to try it next time I'm in Nashville!

Seth Resler
Founder, Mystery Meet