Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! And A Burger From Original Tommy's (Beverly & Rampart)

Merry Christmas! And taking the opportunity to also say Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa!

Couple weeks back I happened to be in L.A. again and decided to drop by the Original Tommy's on Beverly & Rampart for old times sake. I haven't been to this location since the late 90's, early 2000 maybe, my go-to during the days I lived up there being the one in Eagle Rock.

Nice to see not a whole lot had changed. Busy as ever where the griddle seemed to always have been completely crowded with sizzling burger patties no matter how late you visited (this location is 24hrs).

I also remember when soft drinks sold were the standard 12oz cans that you'd grab from those sliding-top coolers. Was sort of based on a trust system where after you pay for you meal, you walked over to one and get your drink.

Well, Five Guys may be better on the East Coast, but a Tommy's is definitely better when had in L.A. The chili, though rich, tastes not as heavy (my guess due to the high turnaround). The tomatoes are usually cut more substantially (this day was smaller) but is there along with the pickles, hiding underneath all that smooth textured chili.

Of course the other special significance to this particular location is that it was none other than where the creator of MOS Burger, Mr. Sakurada had gotten inspiration to start his own burger empire in Japan. Thinking the chili was probably too heavy for the Japanese market, he came up with his own lighter version with a hint of miso as a hidden kakushiaji ingredient.

[MOS Burger]

Have a friend visiting for the Holidays so a quick post for tonight. We're planning on a road trip but haven't decided where at the moment and playing it by ear. If this happens to be my last post of 2012, see you all in 2013!!


caninecologne said...

From Bert....."Mmmmmmm, Tommy's"!

Funny story - Bert and his friends used to do Tommy runs back in college (late 80's) at this same location!

One of his fondest memories was when they all got a "dinner and a show". there was a high speed chase down the hill, plus a helicopter, then a bunch of cop cars! Sirens blaring, etc...they were enjoying their chili burgers sitting on the tailgate of Bert's truck (which he still has, haha) watching the drama unfold...

K and S said...

happy holidays!

KirkK said...

Mery Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Laura Lindsay said...

Jealous because of 2 things I have never done:

1. Ridden/Driven a GT-R
2. Eaten at the OG Tommy's

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, that truck has a lot of history! haha. ;) Thanks for sharing the stories. I'm craving a Tommy's right now. I don't think the SD one is that bad actually. Just wished they made the place more outdoors ,like a drive-in, instead of the sterile vibe it has currently.

Happy belated Kat, Kirk and Laura!!