Friday, January 25, 2013

Seikoen - Torrance (Lots Of Pics!)

During my out-of-town friend's visit last Winter break and doing my share of tourist guide a day in the L.A. area, we stopped by Seikoen for an early dinner before heading back to San Diego. Another shout out to fellow reader Junichi for recommending the place. (Thanks dude!) Sharing today collected photos from two visits.

As a Japanese-style Korean BBQ, there are some idiosyncratic differences (one, you'll have to pay for your kimchi) while items are also listed in terms that I'm more familiar with. In the same category we have our own Tsuruhashi in San Diego, but I felt Seikoen was more affordable with quality of meats equaling. After asking they said they've been in business in the same quiet strip mall for 32 years. Seikoen menu here.

We started off with some great beef tongue. Negitanshio is a variety lightly salted with minced green onions. The style here is conservative with the onions but pretty excellent being careful not to put more than needed amount of heat into it.

Their raw beef liver sashimi Reba-Sashi is another great appetizer to start with which I had my second visit around. Extremely fresh, they were practically glowing on the plate.

Ones I've had before (in Tokyo before they were banned) I remember having with a sweeter sesame oil dip, but here is a salt based. A light coating and the liver almost melts over your tongue. Super delicious. Heard great things about their raw minced beef Yukke as well. (Next time!)

This night we didn't quite splurge with the Wagyu Kalbi offering, but the premium Toku-jyo Kalbi (prime short ribs) we had was still plenty sublime. The darker meat in the back of the plate is Harami (a very popular cut near the diaphragm, sometimes called 'outside skirt steak').  Harami in general won't be your most tender of selection but has plenty of meaty flavor to compensate. I feel it's a meat lover's meat. :)

Above, a couple premium Kalbi slices getting some grilling action. Below my Harami ready to be consumed over rice. ハラミ オンザライス。 Mouth watering...

Another plate of tongue had the second visit. This is their standard Tanshio seasoned simply with S&P.

The recommended sauce is a lighter lemon juice based. Nice to alternate. So good!

More Harami and an order of Horumon.

Horumon is an invented Japanese word to describe offal cuts in general. An order of it at Seikoen refers to some pre-prepped large intestines (nicknamed tecchan). It's been boiled for hours and most of the funk gone and tender. Since it's pre-cooked not a lot of grill time is said required but I personally prefer mine a little crispy on the edges and moderately rendered. Despite the longer cooking, has plenty of good fat left and definitely great eats. We ordered seconds of this also...

Some Sanchu veggie and flavored miso below to wrap your grilled goodies.

Next up Premium With-bone Kalbi, Toku-jyo Honetsuki Kalbi. Great stuff, and seems like yet even more Harami next to it, haha.

Some chilled Kirin. They have Orion too!

Good soups to be had as well. Below the Kalbi Soup. Best to share but I had some for leftovers the next day with rice which was quite a treat.

A lot more items I'd like to try my next visit which I'm really looking forward to.

Seikoen, 1730 W Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA


Mike said...

I'm just starting to get my head around Korean food, and now you tell me there is Japanese-style Korean food... :-)

It all looks really good!

Junichi said...

Awesome post. I still dream about this place. The yukke is good but it's a little on the sweeter side.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mike, Happy New Year! Hope you're doing well. The name Tsuruhashi comes from a famous Koreatown in Osaka. Seasoning wise I imagine a little less sour flavors and more sweet, but that's a wide generalization. Yakiniku on wiki has more info.

Hey Junichi! I'll have to try their yukke next time. I'm also planning to order a few pork plates then too.

K and S said...

looked nice!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, good stuff!