Monday, February 18, 2013

Sotto Mare Revisit And Checking Out The Walt Disney Family Museum - SF

Had a quick visit to SF along with friend last weekend. As most of our impromptu road trips I wished I had planned and researched things better beforehand but you can say it's harder to not have a fun time in the great city. As we blew through the idea of having breakfast at Swan Oyster Depot arriving closer to noon than dawn, Plan-B was a revisit to Sotto Mare a couple blocks over. Was a small wait as the place is also popular, but nothing crazy like at SOD.

Oysters on Half Shell, both East and West Coast. I still preferred more the firmer East Coast variety but they both were quite excellent. Till this day the place easily reserves the spot of the best Cioppino I've had and was tempted to get it again but I instead went for the Sea Scallop Saute' ($19).

Wild caught, these were well-seared but done to medium-rare in the center. The sauce of white wine, garlic and caramelized scallions is pretty intense and super delicious. Excellent for bread soppage. ;)

The friend had the Manila Clams with Linguine done aglio-olio style ($12). I had a taste and was impeccably fresh and great as well. Any of these pasta dishes can be had as a half-order for $8.

Gigi's Sotto Mare Oysteria, 552 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

After checking out a bookstore then having a couple espressos at a nearby cafe, later in the day we visited The Walt Disney Family Museum at Presidio Park.

So awesome and packed full of info and displays. Reserving around two hours of time is probably best.

Did you know Walt's favorite foods were Chili and Jello??

He was also really into miniatures (and so am I! Of Sushi and other foods but..).

The highlight was the giant diorama of Disneyland Park.(!)

Overall was really great and would recommend. Skipped the special Snow White exhibit this time around but I can see myself coming here again for another movie of Disney.

The Walt Disney Family Museum, 104 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94129


Jinxi said...

/sigh~~ I miss the cioppino in San Francisco! Haven't found anything in SD that quite compares yet.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jinxi! I went through a cioppino phase a while back and have to agree, usually too soupy and not enough flavor. They tend to be expensive and large portioned at restaurants so if you're stuck with a sub-par bowl it's really sucky.

caninecologne said...

Looks like some good places you visited!

So, no cryogenically frozen heads at the Disney museum? just to know that place is there! I'd love to visit it, just to see the miniatures!