Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tonga Room, Tom's Depot, One Infinite Loop (!)

Later the night after visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum the plan was to check out the Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel a la Bourdain's The Layover SF show.

I actually had forgotten the details of the episode but I ended up having first the Bora Bora Horror. Man these things go down way too easily! At least there was a peace of mind that our hotel was a short walking distance from.

But anyway funny to know that this used to be the hotel's swimming pool a long while back. The boat actually docks "to shore" when the musicians take break. And if you haven't seen the show, there are thunder and rain that happens every 40mins or so.

Round two for me was the Tematangi Ubangi which could be a made up word for all I know but it was a tropical punch that bore double meanings. I pretty much liked all that I tasted except the Zombie which was like hard liquor without much else interest in flavor. The music was great with people dancing, many who probably shouldn't have been... but all part of the fun. I just wouldn't recommend the food here judging by the few dishes tried.

Earlier there were some firecrackers and sounds of cymbals in the Chinatown area we were at. They were doing the dragon dance at one of the restaurants in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Super cool!

Btw, the hotel we found and crashed the night was the Royal Pacific Motor Inn. The rates were very reasonable and couldn't beat the location right smack in the center of SF Chinatown.(!) It's been around since the '60's and loved the kitschy feel. The view out the room...

Next morning a little groggy but surprisingly no bad hangover. A quick stop for some pick-me-up at The Station. Really great people here serving coffee from local roaster Blue Bottle.

My NOLA - New Orleans style iced coffee was awesome! A cold-brewed time taking process, sweetened iced coffee with tones of chicory. The first SD cafe to offer one I'll be in debt forever. :)

Hybrid Design and Super 7 office was right next door. Not sure if they have a showroom but too bad it was too early in the morning to drop in and see.

On the way down to see the Apple headquarters in Cupertino we found Tom's Depot (Ice Cream & Grill) in Los Altos. Was filled with local regulars and had a good vibe so decided to drop in.

Lots of Mexican offerings on the menu but of course boring me at least for American breakfast it's eggs over-easy. Salty protein of choice were the dependable link sausages. I had a glimpse of their hash browns on other tables and decided to ask for sauteed onions on top to 'spruce up' a bit.

Most popular were the omelets that curiously looked like burritos the way they were folded. Also the many fruit pancakes according to the waitress.

Tom's Depot Ice Cream & Grill, 991 Fremont Ave, Los Altos, CA 94024

And finally, One Infinite Loop! Unfortunately the campus store was closed because it was the weekend... Bummer!

Apple Company Store, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014


K and S said...

blue bottle coffee is definitely something I want to try.

caninecologne said...

what an awesome trip!

bert and i went to the tonga room for our 1 year wedding anniversary (back in 96). we loved the tackiness of it all,especially that boat with the band and the fake rain and thunder! i don't remember what we ate, but i really liked the entertainment!

Dennis K. said...

It was good Kat!

Hi CC, that's super cool! Yeah it's pretty much for the entertainment value as you say. I have a feeling the food could've been better back then (and also not overpriced as it was our visit).