Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's On My Rice - Garlic Stem (Manul Julgi) Kimchi From HK Market

My favorite kimchi of all is probably the garlic stem (Manul Julgi), and of the ones I've tried I still can't find better than when I first sampled at HK Market in Los Angeles' Koreatown twenty some odd years ago.


It's a little sweeter than most I've tried but also the marinade spice paste thicker and flavors well penetrated into the stems (including those large garlic bulbs!). Since moving down to SD in 2000 I've tried most all the Korean markets in town including the newly opened H Mart and was a no go. All either lacked flavor (and leaning on sour), watery, the stems too mature and fibrous or all the above.

I had a chance to drop in the market again with my out-of-town friend last Winter after spending some time in Griffith Park Observatory. It was an odd hour so not very busy the time.

Garlic Stem Kimchi motherload!

There are many already prepackaged but I picked some up by weight. Too many others to document all...

Beef Kim Bap! Another of my also favorites.

Fresh seafood conveniently packaged for soup making. I think this would be a great base for a Cioppino. Since we had plenty of day left before returning back to SD, I stuck with just the kimchi purchase and headed out.

I love my garlic stem kimchi from HK Market. And it's what's been on my rice.

HK (Han Kook) Market, 124 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004


K and S said...

beef kim bap...mmm!

Junichi said...

I love having some tsukudani or taberu rayu on my rice.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, they're a great snack!

Hi Junichi, those sound delicious!

caninecologne said...

I've never had garlic stem before. Sounds delicious though!

Great pix of the signage!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks CC! After all these years I'm still only fond of the garlic stem kimchi from this market.