Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday International Cafe @ UCSD - Mar. 15: Ireland

Another visit to UCSD Friday International Cafe. Today was in celebration of Ireland, yay!
Being part you can say I couldn't miss the day but maybe it was more a luck of predetermination as I just couldn't seem to visit the last three since my first India Day post for one reason or another.
Service starts at noon sharp. The line today wasn't too bad but usually better to get there early.

What the heck (again) the Instagram shot from my iPhone looked better than the one from my "good camera." The umbrellas do leave a blue color cast but the gray skies today didn't help either. Served was Shepherd's Pie (Cottage Pie), Soda Bread, a coleslaw type salad, dessert and drink.

The potato portion of the Shepherd's Pie was fluffy and great! The meats maybe were a little underseasoned but the five-bucks the meal plate is really makes it hard to complain about much. Everything was carbolicious including the Chocolate Potato Cake. :) After the meal I was ready to mend a farm field, or maybe build one of those dry stone walls just for the fun of it. A little early but happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.

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