Monday, May 27, 2013

Everyday Bentos 2: Kensuke's Paleo Hambagu Bento

This day's personal bento sharing volunteer comes from my local Japanese rental video shop. I've known Kensuke for a while now and he'd always be the first to recommend any new or one-off special food related shows (particularly that of ramen!) that had come in the week. When I discovered he usually brings in a packed lunch I didn't hesitate to ask if he would kindly share for the blog. Thanks buddy! :)

Kensuke admits his lunch usually is made by his loving sister, often consisting of leftovers from the past night. But for the interview he busted out some of his own cooking to better represent his Paleo / Primal Diet. Two large hamburg patties and a side of some broccoli. The hamburger is said to be a mix of ground beef, onions, bacon, eggs, coconut flour, garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, and basil. Broccoli is boiled and covered with butter, salt, and pepper.

Kensuke is also a long distance runner and he explained to me his theory about how he feels the diet helps with his training.

"My diet is Primal to be exact but it is very similar to Paleo diet. The heart of the diet is that you try to avoid anything with grains/sugar/processed foods (which is why I rarely go out to eat). What you want to be eating are things ranging from meat and vegetables, seafood, fruits...

The conventional wisdom would tell me to carbo-load and make sure I have that energy supply but I found that I can go through my training and function just fine. The thing about Primal diet is that you feel so damn good all the time I'd be eating this way even if I wasn't training as an athlete.

I now feel carbo-loading should only be used in special circumstances. Long distance runners do need little more carbohydrates in their diet compared to regular folks but the fact is distance running is primarily an aerobic activity, which relies on oxygen as source of energy not glucose in your muscles.. Thus, you are not training correctly if you are burning glucose stored in your body on a daily basis that requires large amount of carbo-refueling.

Interesting concept Kensuke! And now for some questions for the blog...

Q: What are your favorite foods? Any you can't live without?
A: I wouldn't go as far as I can't live without but I do love bacon and eggs in the morning! I also love strawberries and eat them pretty regularly.

Q: Have any favorite restaurants/eateries in San Diego?
A: I don't eat out much but when my friends visit we go to Phil's BBQ and Tacos El Gordo down a little south.

Q: (My favorite question..) Do you have any favorite guilty/junk foods?
A: Probably chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, since it's not really part of the diet. But I usually don't feel that guilty about it, haha.

Q: I think you said you were from Hawaii? If you were there now, what would you want to eat? Like, what do you miss the most?
A: I am pretty fond of Hawaiian foods like fish and poi (Taro potato) as well as anything coconut. So the Hawaiian food and also garlic chicken from Fat Boys in Kailua!

Q: When you cook, what are areas you take particular care in?
A: Not in particular, but my personality is to take good care of things and I think it rubs off into my cooking.

Q: What other things do you tend to pack in your bentos?
A: Other foods I use for my simple bentos are baked chicken, Primal chili, pork chops, and various vegetables, but as you mentioned they are usually left overs from the night before.

This was fantastic, thanks again for sharing your bento with us!!

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caninecologne said...

Very cool to hear the stories behind the bento.

I think it's great that these folks are sharing their everyday lunches for your blog.

I'm curious about 'primal chili'!

K and S said...

enjoying this new series.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC! So far everyone's been very cooperative and it's been fun. I asked Kensuke about the Primal Chili. He said it's a Texas style chili with lots of meats. Sausages, ground meats. Sounds good to me. :)

Thanks Kat! It's been a lot of fun.