Thursday, May 30, 2013

Everyday Bentos 3: Bookstore Clerk Nobu-san's Aisai Bento

"Aisai Bento" (愛妻弁当) describes a packed lunch made with loving care by one's spouse. It's a commonly used word in Japan so there must be quite many loving spouses making these care filled lunch boxes for their significant others. How cool is that! Nobu-san who is employed at a local Japanese bookstore is one of these lucky people who brings said homemade aisai boxes of delicious eats to the office every workday. He is sharing for my blog this day (thanks again for your cooperation Nobu-san!). And so let us have a looksy shall we...

おっ、いい感じに渋いですね!I see Sake (pronounced 'shakĕ') Furēku - seasoned salmon flakes, nori no tsukudani (super nice! A kind of seasoned nori paste which I express my love for in a very old "what's on my rice" post), chicken karaage, and simmered kabocha pumpkin. The miso soup was said to have onions and potatoes in it, and even a side salad of tomatoes and pea shoots to nutritionally balance things out. All the care and loving thoughtfulness is making me blush! ;)

And as usual some simple questions I've asked...

Q: What are your favorite foods?
A: Fish! Salmon is my most favorite. Also Nori no Tsukudani you see today. (Me too!) I hate Liver.

Q: Do you and your wife have any favorite restaurants/eateries in San Diego?
A: We usually don't go out to eat very much because I need to monitor my sugar intake (being diabetic).

Q: In that case, on a rare occasion do you have any favorite guilty foods?
A: I actually like Carl's Jr. Teriyaki Sandwich.

Q: If you were in Japan right now, what would you want to eat?
A: Sushi and Tempura.

Q: Where do you like to shop for groceries in San Diego?
A: Mitsuwa and Nijiya.

Q: I hear you also enjoy cooking. What are your signature dishes?
A: That would be beef stew.

Q: What other things tend to be in your everyday bentos?
A: Nothing special, they are usually leftovers. But when my daughter makes, she usually tries to put in my favorites.

I'd really love to try your beef stew one of these days Nobu-san. And thanks again very much for sharing us your bento!!

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Jinxi said...

Aww that is really a sweet bento :)

K and S said...

:) happy bento!

Jenne said...

Aww. Love it. I forgot about nori no tsukudani (in fact I don't think I ever knew what it was called) --it's so good!! I'm going to have to get some.

caninecologne said...

So cool that these folks are letting you document their bentos! It's neat to see all this. :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Minxi, I thought so too!

Hi Kat! He's a lucky man. :)

Hi Jenne! I think many refer it to the two major brands, Ara! and Gohandesuyo! But nori no tsukudani is the official name. I love it too!

Hi CC! I've been pretty lucky so far. Thanks again!