Monday, May 27, 2013

Lunching @ Green Acre

When Fibonacci's located in the Lilly Biotech Center closed my coworkers and I were pretty bummed to say the least. We really liked them a lot and I particularly felt bad since I never had posted on them. I still have photos of their great pay-by-weight salads (which easily were the best in the area, both Bristol Farms and Whole Foods combined) that were saved for another week-long future Salabration post that never took fruition all of last year. :( Their made to order burgers were quite juicy and tasty too.

Well my lunching cohorts and I now have a pretty sweet replacement called Green Acre, a Brian Malarkey produced establishment situated in a business cafeteria type of setting that seems to be in trend in these parts. For me the sheer convenience is nice enough, if not having such great lunch options. Fyi, you get a small discount if you work in their Nautilus building but Green Acre is open to the public.

Things are pretty comfy here but for me probably the best part is the functioning vegetable garden where the few lawn chairs allow you to actually eat in it, reminding me of old Peter Rabbit tales, ha. :)

So not surprising the salads are great here (tossed to order while boxed can be grabbed if you're on the go) but my go-to meal is usually their burger. I've come to learn to say "the one with meat" as they have another popular veggie pattied option.

Grass-fed beef, roasted tomatoes and leeks, melted brie cheese on a toasted pretzel bun. They've been fairly consistent having the patty done to a pink-center medium the times I've had and the bun holds everything together nicely with good bread-to-protein ratio. It's a pretty good burger. The fries available in russet or yam I'd also recommend. Hopefully you'll get a fresh batch like I did this day. My only wish is to have their 'tomato jam' to taste more like ketchup and less marinara sauce-ish maybe.

My coworker had a special that I apologize not remembering the name of but I had a small taste and the aioli and arugula combo with the moist chicken was fantastic. I'd love to order it if it reappears. Also shown my very manly strawberry lavender lemonade drink with cool paper straw.

Speaking of Fibonacci's, a second Green Acre location is slated to take its place soon. There's a temporary makeshift spot in the front of the Lilly building that I checked out sometime in February I think. The Short Rib Chili was actually Delicious.

The meatloaf sandwich was a little on the dry side and could've been heated more (you can see the unmelted cheese). They have the free 80's arcade machines in there now but I think I'll be waiting until they officially open up in the larger permanent spot out back (only if I don't get a hankering for that chili first).

Last March Canine Cologne, Cathy and I had met up for a weekday lunch. It was my turn to pick a spot so asking if they wouldn't mind the drive I thought it'd be fun to meet at GA. (Thanks again for coming up guys! As usual it was really great to catch up with you both.)

So above, another burger again for me, ha. Cathy's 'Nice!' salad with albacore behind it and CC's 'Drunken Mary' chicken panini and 'Corn Cobb' salad in the next photo. I had a small taste of the quick-seared tuna on Cathy's salad which was done rare and fresh. The time was mostly spent on catching up though and it all but flew too quickly. You can read in detail about them on Canine Cologne's post on her blog here as well as Cathy's description here. I think everyone enjoyed their meals. :)

A Thai style Green Curry with GA veggies was a special one day. Liked that it wasn't too sweet and you could really taste the integrity of the vegetables that are full of flavor. Got some russet fries on the side since I wasn't sure of the portion. :P

You get few Taco options on Tuesdays, a choice between grilled chicken, steak or shrimp.

This was maybe one of their more rare off days where the tacos were served a bit cold, but they were tasty enough with the smashed avo, fresh pico de gallo and shredded smoked cheese. The carrot ginger soup was good too.

I think the Flat Iron Steak Sandwich and Spinach Artichoke Wild Nettles Soup I had the most recent visit, another one of their revolving specials.

Juicy strips of steak with bleu cheese, grilled red onions, Mizuna greens (nice!) and house made steak sauce. Definitely hit the spot. The soup tasted particularly fresh too with flavors of mature garden picked greens potent, an enjoyable nice change.

For some reason if you google "Green Acre, San Diego" at the moment the second locale off Campus Point comes up. The location CC, Cathy and I met up at is the main one off General Atomics Court.

Green Acre, 3535 General Atomics Court, San Diego 92121
Green Acre 2, 10300 Campus Point Dr, San Diego, CA 92121


Cathy Doe said...

I've been waiting to see your post, knowing that you'll show other menu items. Must say that every soup here has been the chili would too. Thank you for telling us about this place; it is the best!

caninecologne said...

Yay! Your GA post is up! You are so lucky to have tried the other items and specials. Thanks again for the great recommendation. The salad I had there was one of the best I've had. Quality food! I'll definitely be coming back sometime this summer.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Cathy, sorry it took so long! As far as I know the short rib chili is only available at the second locale. I agree, the soups are always good. :)

Hi CC! I'm glad you enjoyed them. Btw I think the vegetables are supplemented by Suzie's Farm. I saw their big truck the other day.