Saturday, June 22, 2013

5-Year Bloggaversary Random Saturday Post

So it's my fifth year of blogging about the things I eat and anything loosely related. Onto my sixth! This day kinda crept up on me so I don't have much prepared. I do feel I've been doing this a lot longer than I have, probably because my habit-turned-hobby of regularly photo-documenting my meals had started back in 2005.

[Houtou hot pot at Kosaku in Yamanashi - 2005]

It coincides with the purchase of my first digital camera that I speak about some in my 10-Photos Meme post, a Casio Exilim at the Shinjuku Yodobashi Camera. Now that cameras are on most phones it's weird to think there was a time I've not had one.(!)

So I've grabbed a few photos from the time so to reminisce about (which I'm pretty good at, ha). Above a Houtou hotpot from Kosaku in Yamanashi prefecture. Flat udon noodles that resemble something between fettucini and tagliatelle are cooked in a hearty miso broth (think freezing winters...). I had the pork version which also had plenty of kabocha pumpkin, sansai mountain vegetable and super fresh negi on top. The weather was cold and the meal delicious.

[Japanese breakfast at a Ryokan in Kanazawa - 2005]

I've lost that first camera within a year's time (I think left in an airplane) and got a Canon Elph SD1000 to replace. If lighting conditions are optimal, it takes amazing shots with great macros and I still love the look of that particular minimal model (rectangular with small radiused corners) the most. :)

[Tsunahachi in Shinjuku - 2005]

You can check out Serious Eats' J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's 2012 write up of Tsunahachi here, but anyway learning to be very steady with the Exilim (and Elph later on) was actually kind of a fun challenge. I've since went up to the Canon S90 a few years later for better low light capability, but now pretty much use the Lumix GF1 with 20mm pancake lens exclusively as my everyday workhorse. For now I haven't been tempted to go to a full-blown DSLR, mostly for convenience reasons.

[Chicken sashimi at Tori Masa in Tokyo - 2005]

The middle "Sabi-Yaki" of leaner sasami breast meat with dabs of wasabi was done very rare also. Was ridiculously tender moist and delicious but I don't think I'd eat rare chicken here ever. Their "Negi-maki" (last photo) was pretty ingenious where the chicken was actually wrapped around the negi. Showing the underside, the leeks soaks up all the chicken juices during the grilling process. It's a bit laborsome but I've copied and been making them the way ever since. Then there was the life changing Tsukune which I also go over in the earlier mentioned 10-Photos Meme. The lighting wasn't great during this dinner and I'm pretty impressed how steady my hands were, haha.

Well, that's all for tonight. Some old photos and a little camera talk. I'm still having a lot of fun and don't have any plans of stopping anytime soon. Thanks to all those who supported this quirky blog and really greatful for all the friendships I've gained along the way. You know who you all are! :)

[A short Q&A from last year's bloggaversary post here.]


Darlene said...

Happy 5th anniversary, Dennis! Maybe when it's the 20th anniversary, you'll be uploading photos from your mind!

caninecologne said...

Happy blogaversary Dennis! I really enjoy your blog and am glad to have shared some good eats with you!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Darlene! I've sometimes did wish I could have a camera right in my eyeball, haha.

Thanks CC! It's been fun hanging and to more good eats! :)

K and S said...

happy blogaversary Dennis! enjoy your posts and look forward to many more!

Jinxi said...

Happy Bloggaversary, Dennis! Love this blog, and so glad to have met you :D

KirkK said...

Happy Blogg-vesery Dennis. Best wishes for many more to come!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Kat, Jinxi and Kirk! Looking forward here as well! :)

Kirbie said...

Happy Bloggaversary! I can't believe it's already your fifth. I feel like it was only a few months ago when you celebrated the last one!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Kirbie! I feel that way every year I think!

Mary said...

Happy blogaversary, Dennis! Here's to many more posts :) Cheers!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Mary!