Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Early Bird: Breakfasts @ Bella Vista Caffe (And Lunch With The Jinxi!)

More new eat spots, La Jolla biotech edition. While Green Acre had opened last year and its permanent second location already in the works, I got word about the only months old Bella Vista Social Club & Caffe from Jinxi of the Jinxi Eats blog. In fact we had our first lunch meet there (that was fun Jinxi!). I then had a couple solo breakfasts visits since and will go through those quickly. Gosh I didn't realize my last Early Bird post was August of last year. (!)

Bella Vista Caffe is located in the Sanford Consortium building campus, located right across from the famous Salks Institute that you also pass en-route to the picturesque Glider Port. Parking is plenty (at least for now) and validated in the cafe. If you sit in the patio area you can see some ocean peeking behind a few trees. It's really nice over here. :)

My first morning I had a regular size cappuccino and their Del Mar Omelet (smoked wild salmon, onions, tomatoes, capers & feta cheese). Hard to go wrong with that but they also have a three-cheese Tre Formaggio and another called the Istanbul with Turkish sausage, roasted bell pepper and artisan Italian cheese that I'll have to check out another time. The toast was lightly buttered and nice. Also came with a side of fresh fruits. You can browse through their full online menu here.

My next breakfast visit I tried their Brioche French Toast. I forgot the exact price but it including another capp was about ~$7. The weekend brunch version (8am~3pm) comes with additional thick-cut bacon for a little extra. The menu is quite different for weekend brunch with pancakes and also several eggs benedicts to choose from (yum).

In early May Jinxi and I had met up for lunch and it was my first visit here. It was a very short drive from my office so I was pleasantly surprised to find another great lunch spot option. I remember Jinxi telling me that she had walked. ;)

Above is Jinxi's Croque Madame (grilled Italian cheese, black forest ham, a fried sunny-side egg on thick toast). Darn, that looks delicious (and so pretty). Came with a side of Tabouleh and seasonal fruit. The little container I assume is dressing for the salad. I don't think Jinxi has posted on the visit yet but I'm sure you'll be able to read about it in more detail soon.

I had their leek and truffle quiche (which might've been a special the time) and a bowl of scratch made mushroom soup. The quiche was great (leeks, truffle, cheese, flaky pie crust = awesome combo) as well as the soup which had a slight whipped texture and nice garlic kick. Paninis as well pastas also make up their lunch menu which for a cafe I feel is fairly extensive. They have also recently started happy hour from 4pm~6.(!)

Again, really excited to have yet another great lunch option in these parts. Maybe I can convince them to fry sunny-side eggs for me in the morning. And also convince one of these smart biotech peeps to let me document their packed lunches. ;)

Bella Vista Social Club & Caffe, 2880 Torrey Pines Scenic Dr, San Diego, CA 92037


Cathy Doe said...

Saw the signage for this place twice since March. Will be stopping next time. Looks really good.

Jinxi said...

Hi Dennis! Thanks again for meeting me for lunch - it was fun! The breakfast options look pretty good. I didn't realize they were also open on the weekends! I'll have to stop by for brunch sometime ^^

Dennis K. said...

Hi Cathy! I'll be looking forward to your post!

Hi Jinxi! Yeah, that was fun. I agree, it's nice that they're doing weekend brunches. I'll have to remember that the next weekend I'm at work. ;)

Mary said...

I wish I could have that mushroom soup, like, right this very minute. Looks excellent!