Friday, July 5, 2013

The Early Bird: Another Breakfast @ El Borrego Restaurant (And More Menu Updates)

While I know a handful of Mexican restaurants that are open early enough for breakfast in SD, I can't recall many where you can have a corn truffle quesadilla with cup of Mexican joe 8AM in the morning.

Or make that with squash blossoms or nopal cactus. The full menu seems available which means the pancita stewed sheep stomach tacos are also game if were on the weekend. This for me all while conveniently located off of El Cajon Blvd too. I think was my first trying huitlacoche but the texture and flavor reminded me a lot of mushrooms, maybe not surprising. It with mild melted cheese went perfectly well with the coffee spiked with a little cinnamon and cane sugar the morning.

Turns out this is my second Early Bird post for El Borrego, I had forgotten about my last Huevos Rancheros with lamb. Was around the time I had breakfast at Super Cocina last year when I noticed their new morning hours but the revisit finally came around this week. Links to my first three posts can be found herehere and here. And of course Kirk of Mmm-yoso's that had originally noted me of them from back in 2006 here.

Come before 9AM to take advantage of the the special $5.99 price of a plate of two eggs, rice, beans, tortillas and coffee. The eggs were done crispy on the edges and yolks plenty runny like I had asked. The provided fresh red and green salsas really complement and make the dish.

During a recent lunch visit I had discovered their hibiscus drink (Agua de Jamaica) which really hit the spot the rather hot and humid day. I'll have to try next the also scratch made Agua de Tamarindo.

Lunch were the relatively new sopes (one of lamb and the other potato and chorizo) and a chicken tamal with mole sauce.

The sopes were quite delicious, moist and full of corn flavor with that wonderfully textural crispy bottom. Spread with beans, shredded lettuce and that crumbly cotija cheese that seems to always give the perfect amount of saltiness to a dish.

The chicken tamal with mole was also terrific. As I mentioned before the masa is very fine and has a subtle but pleasant aroma of banana leaves from which they are wrapped in. I can probably put down a half dozen of these, ha. The version with pineapple is next on my to-try list.

You can check out El Borrego's facebook page for updates. I'm super flattered they used one of my photos for the cover! :)

El Borrego Restaurant, 4280 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115


KirkK said...

It's nice that they keep expanding their menu Dennis.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk! I agree. I like that they keep things interesting.