Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Foto-Buffet

A collection of food photos that will probably not make it to a proper post otherwise. They're this Friday's Food Foto-Buffet.

One of these days I'll actually post on a Thursday night, but I still have quite many stray photos that will last a few more weeks. I do wish my blog template allowed me to show the pics larger, but anyway... A Crispy Potato Hash breakfast plate from my neighborhood Cafe on Park.

Dates back about a year-and-half but I remember the meal being delicious. Chunky cubes of country ham, mushrooms, spinach and potatoes all done up nicely with a lot of lovely char, then topped with eggs, served with a side of sour cream. I'm not sure why I didn't go ahead and make it an Early Bird post. Maybe because I knew they had even more interesting dishes. Not sure how up to date the menu I documented then is now but I recently uploaded it here.

Same goes for the Banh Xeo had at Da Nang - Food to Go. Open from 7:30AM, another fine option from your Denny's. It was kinda fun seeing the kids walking to school the morning.

I haven't had many banh xeos in my life but I thought the crepe portion was done a tad on the greasy side. Still the par-crisp bean sprouts inside made up some along with the fresh shrimp and pork. I'm still feeling my way through their menu so I'm sure you'll hear me report back soon.

I'm just realizing this list is heavy on breakfasts but my second early morning visit to K Sandwiches I had their Chicken Curry. These guys are open even earlier, from 6AM.

Was a little light in flavor for my tastes but hard to complain for $4.99. I then noticed Cathy of Mmm-yoso posting on it along with other items a couple months later. Check it out.

Before my Early Bird Series, I actually had something called "Three Not So Ordinary Breakfasts" back in 2008. I first talked about the Chole Samosa from Surati Farsan Mart then. Visits started to become fewer for me after I had one too many that were cold. I notice the kids now up front are always distracted on their smart phones and it makes me wonder if it's the same in the kitchen?

But memories of great (piping hot) meals there will eventually haunt me sooner or later so I know it won't be long until I give them another try. Another to report back on later.

Last of the breakfast series for the buffet, a Chipped Beef On Toast from The Huddle in Mission Hills (Feb. 2012). I have already posted twice on it so doing a third wasn't high on the list. An epitome of U.S. Military cuisine that had some influence on me during my childhood. Fyi, I'm used to calling it "Creamed Beef on Toast" but it's also very popularly known as S.O.S.

Not to be confused with the wonderful Sandwich Of the Season from Big Front Door. I was glad seeing them getting brisk business since my last post on another of my neighborhood favorite. I had to run a quick errand home and had picked up a sandwich to-go. Ate it in my car, was so hungry, ha.

This was Turkey with smoked cheddar mouse, tomato, onion, aioli, sundried tomato vinaigrette on toasted whole grain. Can't wait to try the Cali Cuban next! Of course I had a side of stuffing along with.

From here the meals spiral to even more complete randomness. A fantastic salad put together by me from Fibonacci's at the Lilly Biotech Center, which is no more (photo is from Jun 2011). I was saving it for my next Salabration - A Week Of Salads, which of course is yet to happen.

This was hands down the best pay-by-weight salad in the area, or might as well say the county. It's true the saying "you don't know what you got till it's gowone..."

The second Green Acre is supposed to replace and though it's a little different concept, if they're as good as the first location things should be looking up. Need to check to see if they're up and running in the larger permanent area of the building.

Another meal planned to be Salabrated was the Hwe Dup Bap at Walmido that was had around the same time of year (oy). Thumbs up! :)

I was pretty bummed learning they're now going to be i-Sushi on Kirk's blog. I have a feeling they won't have gyeran jim either which is another bummer as I enjoyed having (and taking videos of) the version here.

Also from 2011, above a Meat-And-Three from one of my many visits to Nashville, TNSwett's is an institution there and I made sure to visit. Problem with these cafeteria style places is that timing is everything and my dinner was had about half-hour before closing. Things were slim pickings and the fried pork chop was pretty dry despite being smothered in delicious scratch made gravy. I do regret not having the banana pudding!

A happy customer at Tom's Chinese BBQ in City Heights. I came close to noon and so this was another slim pickings moment for me. There was one last half-duck and decided to take it.

I don't remember how much I paid but a good deal where it didn't seem as inflated as other spots. That's turnip cake to the side. I like a little more five spice flavor but most of the duck was nice and meaty. One day I'm going to figure out a quick recipe that makes use of some of the fat that could be rendered from these. I have a few ideas.

I'm also secretly thinking of an abura soba / mazemen using cold Kwai Fei Chicken and its sauce. (Though not a secret anymore but, haha...) Of course most know a decent rendition of KFC can be had at Golden City which this was from.

Fish with Black Bean Sauce. Again, all very decent for the price. I tried hard not to include an Instagram shot tonight but oh well. :P And I'm thinking of wrapping it up here for the time being. Hope you enjoyed some and thanks for visiting!


K and S said...

like this buffet :)

Jinxi said...

The breakfast pics made me hungry >.> Never knew about the Chinese BBQ place. I'm too picky about roast duck for my own good but I should head down to give it a try! Thanks for a great round-up, as always :)

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Kat! It's been nice to finally have a place for these stray pics..

Hi Jinxi! There's no great place in SD for roast duck, so unfortunately my expectations are usually pretty low. :( But Tom's seem to have regulars with a long time following being around for a while.

caninecologne said...

SOS! I remember my dad would make that (he's a former Navy cook) and he told us what SOS really stood for. He's pretty unfiltered, my dad, ha ha.

Great choice with "Cinderella" for the video! 80's hair bands live!

As always, I so look forward to and enjoy your Friday Foto Buffet posts. Great pix, especially of the curry and bread by the window at K!

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, thanks for the kind compliments as always! I took the Midway tour finally this year and it was cool seeing the mess hall kitchen and such. I sometimes get a huge craving for c.b.o.t. and find myself at the Huddle then.

KirkK said...

Geeez.....I need to get some breakfast!

Mary said...

Jake and I have been meaning to go to Tom's BBQ for a very very long time and we still haven't done it. Oy, need to do it. Very nice roundup, always love your photos, Dennis!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk! Haha, I hope you had something nice.

Hi Mary! Thanks as always. I've only been to Tom's Chinese BBQ twice and the first was quite a long time ago. It seems they run out of stuff quickly. Oy vey! Was that how I was supposed to spell 'Oy'? haha. Correction made. ;)