Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Okinawa Soba - Miyako Soba Doraemon

This day was an outing to Naha City for some casual shopping with the fam. When time came for lunch, the uncle known to photo-document his meals had the honor of choosing where. Doraemon, I choose you! Byaay.

The shop is located on the second floor of a commercial building, but despite is very homey with lots of locals charm inside. The name Doraemon (ドラえもん) btw is actually from long time manga/anime robot cat from the future, it's popularity in Japan rivaling Hello Kitty, but probably more with boys.

We all ordered the house Doraemon Soba which is generously topped with Soki (stewed rib meat), Tebichi (pork trotters) and the Okinawa Soba ubiquitous "three-layered" Sanmainiku. Here also the bowl is a Miyako-jima islands variation where the noodles are straighter, thinner and flat, with the soup tending to also be on the lighter side.

Was a very nice bowl that came piping hot with well-seasoned rich and tender meaty toppings. The Tebichi was notably extra tender and delicious (although Hanaori Soba's is still in my tops for it). The lighter pork based soup had a good amount of additional dashi taken from katsuobushi which I also enjoyed very much.

Some extra dishes we shared were a bowl of Jyushee (a type of Okinawan rice medley) that was nice and light and a plate of Goya Chanpuru (sometimes spelled Champuroo) a very popular bittermelon stir-fry.

The Goya Chanpuru particularly shined and was the best I've had in a while. Made with expert high-heat wokkery, the firmer Shima Tofu handles the abuse with this version made (and "seasoned") with some corned beef hash, then finished with a sealing of a medium-rare egg. This canned corned beef hash as well as Spam, (pork luncheon meat generically referred to as ポーク, pōku or "pork") is an indispensable protein substitute however can also be seen as a type of "umami seasoning" with home cooking on the island.

Really enjoyed my meal at Miyako Soba Doraemon and would love to return whenever back in the area. My 2011 outing with friend in the Naha area of a visit to Makishi Public Market and Hanagasa Shokudo can be read here.


K and S said...

that looked & sounded fabulous!

CAB said...

Oh my the pork trotters in the Doraemon Soba look so good!

Dennis K. said...

Was pretty good Kat!

Hi Cab! Yes the tebichi was fall-off-the-bone wiggly tender.